In a couple of more weeks it will be officially Summer! The weather over the past week has felt like Summer is already here, hot and humid. I'm not complaining, I love summer, its my absolute favourite season of the year despite the humidity. I'll take hot and humid over sub-zero freezing temperatures any day thanks. There are so many reasons to love summer, first there is no snow. You don't have to bundle the kids up in 100 layers just to go to the park across the street. Nice weather is an excuse to wear cute outfits and buy new sandals!

Flowers bloom and everything just seems more alive and vivid in summer time. Maybe it's just me, having been cooped up inside most of the winter, that's partially my own fault because I honestly hate winter. I try to make it as enjoyable as possible with the kids and all but cold temperature and I just do not get along but either way I'm happy now that Summer is back.

Celebrations are about to begin for the summer starting with Father's Day on June 20th, I'm hoping to have a family get together of some kind considering we all had the flu for Mother's Day. K will be celebrating graduating from grade one on June 29th. There is no real "ceremony" at school or anything but I want to make it special for her just the same at home. She had some trouble along the year and worked hard to try her best to improve in the areas she had difficulty and she made it. I'm proud of her. Plus, you know she is my oldest and it's a big mommy-sentimental thing for me to want to do something special for her when school finally ends.

It shouldn't be a problem hosting our patio celebrations things year as dh pretty much has the back yard project complete for the summer. All we really need to do is organize the corner where the kiddie pool is, there is some wood left from building the fence around the deck that needs to be removed but other than that it looks great!

It's going to be a great summer this year, we have so many things we would like to do, let's see how many we will actually be able to check off our list! I'd like to make it to a water park like Calypso or something. Maybe not Calypso, I heard it's jam packed all the time but I'd like to take them to a water park over the summer. A real water park, not just a splash pad.

We had a local pool, right across the street local but unfortunately the community center where the pool is located has been under construction since spring 2010 and the pool has been closed ever since. We thought it would be open this year since it's supposed to be one of the hottest summers ever, the local kids need a place to cool off but no, it's still closed. At least we have the kiddie pool or take a walk in the sweltering heat to the other pool located near K's school. We'll see how it goes.

So far the kids have been enjoying the time we've been spending at the local parks, taking our family walks with lots of cold water on hand.

With plans we have,  to parties we want to host, our summer is looking pretty good so far :) It'll be a hot one but a good one!

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own*

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