This week my son faced and beat one of his summer fears - water. If you remember a couple of posts back I wrote about our experience at the local community pool how little guy LOVED to go swimming until he fell face-first twice in the water and basically scared himself out of wanting to go back in other than the ankle-deep part of the wading pool.

Even though he was scared you could see in his eyes that he so desperately wanted to go into "the big side" and play with the other kids. He would take my hand and creep close to the edge but not get close enough to actually go in. I felt so bad but I didn't want to push him so we stuck to the baby pool and he had fun playing ball there.

The pool is right across the street, within sight so when there aren't a lot of kids hogging the water my kids always beg me to take a couple of hours out of our busy day and just have fun. It's not so fun when you have a three year old who isn't so sure about how fun this pool really is.

The last time we went was different, he seemed determined to beat this pool fear. He kept wanting to go in the big side and  there were only six kids in the pool. I figured look, the water is not THAT deep. I know he is scared but he can over come it. I tried coaxing him by going with him, he made it to the first step down and then panic. He didn't want to go in. We made it to the second step, panic. He didn't want to go in. Then he began yelling at me because he wanted to go in but was scared. So I just picked him up, walked into the pool and plopped him down beside me. He yelled one "NO!" and then realized his feet were touching the bottom and I had his hand so he wouldn't fall (or be afraid to fall).

After about 10 minutes of walking around and observing the other kids playing while tightly holding onto my hand, he did it. He let my hand go, grabbed onto a happy face ball and played to his little hearts content until it was time to go. Instead of being scared and crying this time he was laughing and shouting "look mom! I swimming!". He was so proud and I was watching him so closely I didn't get the chance to snap any good pictures this time.

My kids have never held themselves back from anything they've tried to do and I am so happy that D has overcome his water fear enough to enjoy the pool once again.

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