I'm usually optimistic when it comes to people complaining (or whining) about whatever they need to complain (or whine) about. It's all part of being kind, listening even when you don't expect it. When I say people, I'm talking about adults here not kids. Most of the time these people will respond positively and agree with my optimism or we have people who have me kind of taken aback by their attitude or unexpected comment, these are people who are random. Random people who happen to talk to me as if they know me while I'm out with my kids. Let me explain.

We went out for a family walk and I waiting outside of Tim Hortons for hubby who went in to grab a coffee for us and some Tim Bits for the kids. We are huge Tim Hortons fans, it's been a tradition to stop for coffee and bits every time we are out. Almost every time we are out lately K runs into someone she knows. This time K spotted one of her friends from school out with her family like K with her Mom, Dad and little sibling in a stroller.

The two girls introduced the moms and the younger siblings, the other mom began talking to me. I don't mind being social but for some weird reason every time I am out I am like a magnet. I'll be waiting outside or in line somewhere and someone will approach me and start talking.

Anyway, she started complaining about summer holidays, how July was long and she was counting the days down to September when the kids go back to school. Optimistic me inputs my two cents and say "Well, only one more month left!" and she replies with a huffy "Well, at least you don't have a 3rd on the way!" - she did not sound very happy about baby #3. I honestly didn't know what to say, she had me taken aback because I didn't even notice she was pregnant honestly.

She continues after that saying "Know what I'm excited about?" I ask what, thinking she was still talking about her pregnancy and she goes "The SMURFS movie!" throwing her arms up in the air in excitement. I simply smiled and nodded, thanking the good lord hubby was coming out of the shop and we had to go.

I didn't know this woman, her situation or anything and I'm not here to go around judging people but I was a little shocked when she said that. Most of the time when I have spoken to a pregnant women, even one with older children they glowed! I suppose her perspective of motherhood is a little different than mine, we all live different lives.

It made me think though, back to when Dh and I thought we were going to be having baby #3 in January. As much as my two kids give me a hard time or how often I find myself frustrated, I think I would be more excited for baby #3 than a bunch of computerized blue gnomes. 

Perhaps she is excited for something new to keep her older children entertained ;-)

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