Our oldest family pet (a Doberman Pinscher named Zeus) is six years old, that's 45 years old in people years (thanks Google!). In his six years he has been over all healthy and well protected. He has never really gotten seriously sick other than a skin problem when he was a puppy but that was cured with medication over time and he's fine now. He has never gotten into a fight with another dog or anything like that. Being a city dog he is inside often, he sleeps in a dog bed - you know, not a farm type dog so he has never been sprayed by a skunk - until a few nights ago.

Skunks are terrible to have around. Sure they are cute to look at (in pictures like Mr. Pepe Le Peux up there) but they dig in the garbage and musk up the air. We had them all over at the place we lived at before because people were not putting away their garbage properly and picking up after themselves. They also make dogs like ours go ballistic, run across the yard at 2am freaking out only to be hissed at and sprayed - in the face.

Not only did our Doberman get it but also our Chihuahua who follows whatever the big guy does, got it too. What a time for that to happen and you'd think they are trained enough to come back when called. Not when there is a wild animal in the back yard, apparently all rules are to be broken and just go for the target!

I needed a shower just being around the smelly dogs. I'm happy that the kids were sleeping in bed at the time because it would have been just a dramatic zoo had they been around to witness it. DH gave them both a bath immediately. No way would they be even allowed to sleep in the house otherwise, and I'm not cruel like that, my dogs have padded beds for crying out loud. Spoiled pets! The skunk smell left quickly, ah you have to love oatmeal dog wash! Took the smell right off and made their fur super soft and shiny after! 

I love my pets but between running out the gate, sneaking under the gates to take themselves for walks, being sick and now the skunk - it's exhausting. Almost like having two extra kids sometimes!

You'd think a fenced in yard would protect them from danger like getting out into the street where they could be stolen or hit by a car and safe from fighting with cats, other dogs and being sprayed by skunks. Our fence has holes under it. I was thinking it was the dogs digging it but then again they never come in with dirty feet unless its been raining and the cat, well she climbs and has her own ways of getting around. She can defend herself and she's spayed so I'm not worried about her. The dogs are another story, they are good dogs and very loved pets by all of us so if something ever happened, we would be losing a family member too soon.

I think Mr. Skunk has been the culprit for digging those holes among other wild city animals that live in the shrubs surrounding our house...it's almost like cottage country with the wildlife around here.

Lesson learned. If you see Hazel (our cat) puffed up like a ball at the door wanting in and its passed midnight, do NOT let the dogs out.

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  1. lol - I do live on a country property and my miniature poodles have been skunked numerous times. What is the oatmeal wash you used? The only thing I have found to be effective is the internet recipe for the Dawn / peroxide / baking soda mixture. We keep those ingredients on hand in bulk for skunk emergencies. I even have a special de-skunking shampoo but I don't find it very helpful.

  2. Wow numerous times?!? Hubby used a mix of Hartz 2 in 1 flea shampoo and Smart Groom by Wahl oatmeal & aloe shampoo - he left it soak on them for a good 15 minutes, rinsed and repeated to make sure & the stink left! Of course we also have short haired dogs so it may be a bit difficult to rid the smell off longer haired dogs.

    Believe it or not it almost happened again last night but they actually listened when told to get back into the house!! Grrr pesky skunks! LOL


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