Every store you go into these days offers shopping tote bags. Some are made of canvas material, some are made of plastic, some are made of nylon while others are made of a combination including an insulated interior to keep your cold foods cold. They come in almost every shape, size and colour with just about every ones logo on them. You can get them as promotional freebies often companies will use totes to advertise their logo however at the local grocery store they can be purchased at the cash for 0.99 cents to $2.00 each.

All this in our effort to encourage people to become more Eco friendly and stop filing our landfills with waste like plastic shopping bags. Considering the grocery stores charge 0.05 to 0.10 cents a plastic shopping bag, I really don't mind paying the 0.99 cents for a reusable one that's also more sturdy.

We have collected our share of shopping totes and honestly we rarely leave home on an errand without them. We have large ones, small ones, insulated ones and I probably couldn't have enough.

This week I had a rare occasion where I actually forgot my shopping totes! The worst part is I actually had a list of things I needed to buy which required use of my insulated tote. There's no way ice cream or any frozen foods would have lasted the trip home in the heat wave we have been experiencing.

I actually felt a bit guilty when I had to ask the cashier for two plastic shopping bags for the little bit of groceries I actually managed to pick up. I can almost swear she gave me eyes when I asked, polluter!

No, not really we do actually reuse the bags around the house and shopping, they are good to put things like dish soap or shampoo bottles you don't want exploding all over the rest of your stuff. Technically I am using my purchase either way.

Are you Eco friendly and use shopping totes or do you continue to buy plastic bags at the cash?

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