Thousands upon thousands swarmed the downtown core of Ottawa on Friday to catch a glimpse of the royals making a visit to our nations Capital here in Ottawa. We were not among the thousands who flocked, with two young kids it would have been asking for punishment. Large, loud and half drunk crowds all to see the royals on a big screen. I can understand how exciting that can be but it's not so much for us. Too busy for a family like ours. Our local swimming pool decided not to open on Canada Day so we filled up the pool in the back and had a good,relaxing and quiet time at home.

The kids spent the day outside playing together, catching bugs, dancing on the lawn and just having a fun time. They didn't care that we didn't drag them downtown to the festivities, maybe when they are older but for now simple is good enough for us.

For supper I decided since it was a quiet day I wouldn't go all-out and make a big meal like I had planned previously but we kept it Canadian. I made the Sangria I had mentioned in my "Make it a Kraft Canada Day post", whistle dogs and a side of veggies with Kraft Philadelphia Dill dip. Very enjoyable, Canada day meal for the family. For desert the kids had some s'mores! Yummy!

In the evening a couple of our friends came over to say hi, it's an annual thing. DH and I have been together almost eight years and every single Canada Day since we had our daughter this specific couple comes to visit. Even though we don't see them very often it's nice to know they still remember us on Canada's Birthday :) We had some coffee and chit chatted while the kids played, it was a nice quiet evening in good company.

The kids had a blast once it got dark with sparklers! It was actually D's first year holding his own sparkler, he thought it was just great, laughing all the way!

Saturday was fun-day, we spent some of our afternoon at the pool which was finally open! I was happy to see the big smiles when I told the kids we were going for a little swim! D is not very stable on his feet in the water and wanted to go into the deeper side where the bigger kids all swim. So I took him walking back and forth across the pool. He got to try out his new Stearns Puddle Jumpers!

I was so impressed, when it was time to leave the pool there was a little girl who we know. Shes older than K and she was whining at her mom for having to leave the pool upon closing time. K looked at me and I looked at her and we both smiled. Neither of my kids were putting up a fuss to leave, it's a new thing they've started doing this year. They seem to finally realize when its time to go from the park or a visit or wherever we are, that's it!

We had a overall nice Canada Day weekend, it was a great start to what I plan to be a great summer full of day trips, pic-nicks, visits and so on!

We hope you all had a nice Canada Day weekend too and to our American friends, we hope you had a nice 4th of July weekend :) Cheers to a great nation all around!

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