We've always been a water family in the summer. We have never owned a pool but our communities have always included a park and pool for the kids. Our daughter has always loved swimming and has never shown any kind of fear, she could stay in a pool for an entire day if you let her.

Our son however is a different story altogether. He has always hesitated when it came to getting into any kind of water other than a bath tub. He doesn't like getting his head wet even then. We have a little pool in the back yard and he may go in it from time to time but he won't sit and he won't stay very long. I don't believe in pushing my kids to do something they aren't ready for or are afraid of. They will do it when they feel they can. But I also want my kids to both enjoy the summer so we have been trying to slowly show our little guy that the pool across the street is actually a lot of fun!

We spent a good chunk of our summer holidays so far at the pool. There are two sides to the pool: Shallow (ankle deep) and Deeper (waste deep on our daughter, thigh deep on an adult). Although the water in the deeper side really is not that deep, I know my son. His balance is terrible, even worse in wavy water so he sports his Puddle Jumpers while swimming even though he refuses to go in without me or his daddy too. Better to be safe than sorry right.

Every time we visited the pool this week D wanted to go into the deeper side where K was swimming around. So, off went my flip flops and into the (cold) water we went. We walked laps back and forth across the pool avoiding the bigger kids and balls flying around. D decided to be daring and let go of my hand at one point resulting in him being pushed by the waves and landing face first into the water. He was not a happy camper, very upsetting for him.

Thursday was the worst he decided to venture and sit on the side of the pool with daddy. Not realizing there was a little step before you actually get into the pool he fell. Again, resulting in him landing face first into the water. Luckily he was wearing his floaties (which I may add we keep getting compliments on) and daddy was right there to grab him but still, he was not a happy camper, I don't blame him. This time he got out of the water and did not want to go back in. Not even in the shallow side.

We took a pool break on Friday as I had a few things to do in the morning and the pool closed early in the afternoon when it started to rain but we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent some time at the pool this Saturday afternoon.

K was her usually "dolphin" self (as she likes to say "Mommy look! I'm part dolphin!"), swimming around making new friends and catching up with ones she saw during the week. D however took some coaxing to get into the ankle-deep wading pool. It wasn't until he realized there was a huge bouncy ball (the one that I constantly get smacked in the head with when I'm watching my kids) in the wading pool. Of course he did not want to go in alone after what happened the last couple of times in the big pool so, off went my flip flops and into the (not so cold) water we went. He was so scared he would hold either the side rail that splits the two pools or hold onto my hand. It took him about 15 minutes before he finally realized there were no steps in this pool and he was able to walk easier than he can in the other pool.

We took a walk around the pool area after a few minutes of walking in the wading pool, I offered to go with him into the bigger pool but he refused so that was OK. We just stuck to the little pool where he felt safer which was fine by me.

He made a few little friends playing "catch" with the big ball, shared boats with another little boy who came shortly after we got there. I'm happy it only took a couple of visits to get him back into the wading pool. I would really like to put him into swimming lessons when he's a little bit older, maybe kick that water fear once and for all. It has worked in the past on other kids so who knows for now we will take it one step at a time and try not to make fun water, scary water.



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