We had quite the interesting afternoon one day last week. What brings this story up is just simply seeing how disrespectful kids can be toward their parents these days when we go out to the store shopping or even at the local park. The sad part is its not only parents or teachers who are seeing this disrespect and rudeness. Apparenlty it's complete strangers as well, let me tell you what happened.

We decided to take a little family outing (all the way across the street) to the local park. The kids love going to the park. Our ritual usually begins with swimming and then once the kids had enough or the pool closes we head off to the park behind the community center. I've mentioned our park several times along the way. It's our park, the one we always go to. The park where hubby grew up and where our kids are growing up. It's a nice little park and always has kids in it but unfortunately they aren't always the nice ones.

We had fun at the pool, K ran into a couple of her little friends of hers and D had fun playing in the water with hubby. D seems to have lost his fear for water, yay!

After swimming, we dried the kids off and took them over to the park for some slide and swing time. D is getting so good at climbing up the play structure, it scares me when he heads over to the bigger one though he still needs help with that one. Again, K ran into a friend of hers from school. It starts, the oldest off with a friend chit chatting while mom and dad play with her little brother. The girls played until it was time for her friend to leave.

Once her friend left I noticed K sitting alone on the swings, swaying back and forth. She looked a bit sad so I gathered our bag, puddle jumper and whatever else they threw onto the ground and joined her. Dh stayed on the little kid side and continued pushing D on the swings there.

K said she was having trouble getting her swing to go so, seeing the park was empty except for us I sat on the swing next to her and began showing her how it works. Let me tell you, I had fun too. It's been over 20 years since I have been on a swing honestly, it was fun but I still get that turney stomach.

Upon our swinging lesson I noticed a young boy dressed in black with greasy looking hair walk by. I glaced up from looking at K and with a stink-eye look the boy mutters "What you looking at F---ing B---h". He said WHAT?!?

My jaw dropped and my stomach turned, this boy couldn't have been older than 10 years old. I said "Excuse me, young man? Is there something you would like to say to me?" he kept his stink-eye glare and kept on walking, muttering more profanities at me. Dh came to see what my problem was and I told him what had just happened, the boy still in the park. Dh is a strong believer in respecting adults, especially in a child as young as this one.

Dh followed the boy home to have a chat with his parents about that nasty mouth of his. I stayed back at the park to finish the visit with the kids. The boy knew what he did, he kept looking back as dh followed behind him saying he was "really sorry". Yeah, I bet  he was sorry. He immidiately ran into his house and his mother came out to see what was going on. Turns out Dh and his mother know eachother from a long time ago. What an impression that boy made on us!

She tried to explain that her son acts out because he is bullied and dh reminded her to keep an eye on him because sometimes the bullied end up the bullies in the end. It can begin with something as simple as disrespecting an adult.

If it was my kid I would be embarrassed at the thought of them speaking to an adult let alone a complete stranger with such repulsiveness at any age. It was uncalled for, I hadn't even said a word to the boy, talk about issues. Whatever his problem is, lets hope he gets help for that.

K was as apalled as I was, she said "That disgusting, rude boy ruined our swing time!". There's always tomorrow.

I'm not saying  my kids are perfect, K has her moments of rudeness but I don't tolerate it. There are consequences for disrespect in our house. I wish others would see it the same way but everybody has their own version of parenting.

Note to self: Next time we are at the park, do not look around.

*This post was written based on a true story. All opinions are honest and those of A Motherhood Experience*

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  1. That is really disturbing. It's totally uncalled for, and absolutely disgusting.

    Props for your hubby talking to the kid's mom. The kid must have been pooping his pants all the way home... hehe


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