I like Food Basics. The stores are big, the products are priced decent and there is a location within walking distance to me. What I don't like, is how ignorant some of the staff are at our local store. I know, I could file a complaint but why waste my time and theirs, unless they fire everyone and restaff the rude ones, I doubt it would change very much. Why don't I shop somewhere else? Well, I don't have a car for starters so I'm kind of limited to keeping it local and I LIKE Food Basics. Also, you wouldn't want to bus with two kids and a bunch of groceries, the bus is bad enough as it is - we won't get into that right now though you have read about my personal experience on the city bus.

What happened that put this foul taste in my mouth about Food Basics was the ignorance I have received on more than one occasion, including last weekend. It was Saturday, a busy day at Food Basics where it seems every family decides to come out and do their groceries (okay so that part is beyond the stores control but oh my goodness the people!). It's bad enough getting attitude, looks, scoffs and whatnot's from surrounding shoppers but to have the floor staff be completely oblivious is too much.

We shop with our stroller. Some would probably say "Well, don't bring it in the store." or something judgey like that. We on the other hand rely on this stroller to cart both our son and our groceries from the store to our home and into our fridge to feed our family. You get the point, I need it - period. As much of a hassle I feel like carting that thing around the store I try my best to stay out of peoples way. I wouldn't want to be inconvenienced by someone else's big stroller in my way and I hate when I get in the way. Not intentionally and if I am in the way, I'd appreciate people having the common courtesy to let me know. Don't try to shove by me and huff or roll your eyes, I'm concentrating on what food my kids need for the week just like you or maybe distracted by one of them acting up in the store, I'm sure it's happened to you before. Have patience.

But this story isn't about the customers, we all know that the world is a cold place and it's more often than not you get a scoff rather than a smile from people. This story is about the oblivious staff the store employs.

I parked the stroller (with our son in it and a basket of groceries on top) on the side of the main isle, hoping he would be out of the way so I could skip over and take a peek at the ice cream that was on sale. Hubby and I decide on two kinds and take them over to the stroller. As we are getting ready to go to another area a giant skid full of boxes of cookies is coming at the stroller! We both yelled "WATCH OUT" as Hubby quickly backed up the stroller. The skid hit the front tire before the idiot realized we were yelling at him. Boxes of cookies came tumbling down, luckily they hit the floor and not my son. This guy was purely not paying attention to where he was pushing a giant skid full of inventory in a thickly populated grocery store.

We walked away, just for that I didn't help him pick up any of those boxes that fell. Instead we made comments about his lack of apology for almost running us over.

That was that, I was ready to just pay for our stuff and get the heck out of there before I lost my cool. We took a spot in line at the cash and boy was it ever a line. There were two ladies in front of us, combined they had about six children under the age of 10 with them and a new born baby. There were two men behind us who obviously didn't believe in personal space because they kept bashing me in the heels with their cart!

The baby was crying and the children were climbing on things, touching things, yelling and completely out of control. One of them tried grabbing D's cup out of his stroller, you'd think the mom or aunt or whoever it was would say something. While all this is going on an employee of the store has the nerve to step OVER the front end of my stroller instead of going around behind the people who stood behind me (there was plenty of space) not once, but TWICE. Come on, seriously? You'll make me move my already heavy stroller so your skinny butt doesn't have to go around? Rude.

It felt like some kind of over populated zoo-daycare or something. We finally got out of there in one piece. Maybe I'm just over tired or maybe it was the way I was raised, I don't know but I'm finding it difficult to understand how some people simply do not have any common sense or common courtesy toward others. I'm happy I don't have to shop there every day, I think I would go crazy.

Think I'll take a lesson in Food Basics from this experience, never shop there on a Saturday.


*This is not a sponsored post. The mentioned store is referenced for story purposes only and is in no way affiliated with A Motherhood Experience or our partners. All opinions are honest and always my own*


  1. It is difficult to go shopping with kids.

  2. After being an employee of a grocery store for 20 years, I have to share that I think all common sense is lost when one walks through those sliding doors of a store. Employees and customers alike.


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