As a woman, I love shopping. I think it's in all our nature to love shopping, whether its in store or online we love to shop. Since having kids, clothing shopping for myself has become a rare thing. Since having kids of course most of the clothing shopping is for them. I do buy the basics of what me and DH need when it comes to clothes but majority rules in this house. They grow so fast and need so much, sacrifices are made, unfortunately in fashion but I can't really complain, I have everything I need. Or so I thought.

Fall is coming as is Blissdom Canada and looking at my closet this past week had me in a panic. I have nothing Bliss-worthy except for a few items I put aside as "nice clothes". Yoga pants, hoodies and tank tops anyone? Yeah, the fashion faux-pas of a stay at home mom, I know. If TLC's "What Not To Wear" was to ever visit I think they would have heart attacks in my closet.

As much as I would LOVE to head out tomorrow and go on a shopping spree just for me, reality is that I have a little girl starting school soon and she needs some new school clothes. She needs it more than I do.

Trying to figure out ways I could squeeze a couple of new clothing items for myself into my already tight budget I had an epiphany - my paypal savings. I have savings via PayPal, not really worth exchanging to my bank account but worth enough that I could do some retail therapy for that scary closet of mine. What better way to spend it than on a few new items for the fall season.

Now, as simple as that sounds you'd think most online stores would accept PayPal as an option but they don't. I asked around Twitter with no real luck so I turned to Google for some help.Of course a ton of irrelevant links came up but among them I may have found a few hidden treasures lurking in the online shopping world.

A Canadian based www.MimiMcQueen.com offers women's clothing at affordable prices, I ordered two items from them with a free shipping offer (valid until the 15th so check it out!). I also found www.grouptheworld.com which is a fashion wholesale shop based in Shang Hai, China. Yes, if you order a large amount from them you will pay duty fees (obviously) but according to their customer service on small packages (such as the ones I ordered) there are no duty fees charged. Both stores accept PayPal and the shipping costs aren't that bad compared to others I have found while searching for the perfect online clothing shop.

I will be posting more about the shops and the items once my packages come in, I can't wait! It puts a smile on my face to know that there are online shops on the PayPal bandwagon for those of us online shoppers who don't use a credit card.


  1. Thanks for this post - I am really not sure of online sites (other than EBay) that accept Paypal! I have been trying to find a list of places that I could shop at!

  2. Update on that: don't bother with group the world. Bad customer service and the clothes wasn't so hot. Luckily I didn't go wild and spend too much! Buyer beware for sure!!!


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