Many of you may have noticed I have been tweeting about preparing for K's 7th birthday party next weekend. You see, every year I try to plan something that will make her just glow and it never goes as planned. Sure, she always has a good time and gets almost what she wants for her special day and the memories are made just the same but I would really like it if for just once I plan a nice party for her and things go the way I envision them.

This year I had an epiphany. An idea so great I have been having a really, really hard time keeping it to myself. I think I have told DH 100 times about my big plan! I am going to be doing a birthday party recap post (including a surprise for you too!) next week so I won't get into detail about what my plan exactly is but I can tell you it's been going great planning it and so far, everything is going smoothly (knock on wood).

Her party is going to have a specific theme, something she loves and something that is fun for her. What's a birthday party without it being all about you? Even the guests (under 5 feet tall) will get a surprise to take home in their loot bags.

We got everything we need for the actual party - decorations, balloons, loot bags and loot. A special friend helped us out with our party favours and a few surprise gifts for the birthday girl (I'm excited to let you all in on that soon too)  and I am about to send out some evites tonight to everyone who Kylie wanted at her birthday celebration this year. We hope everyone can make it, it'll make it all the more special for her. After all this is what a birthday is about, celebrating the birthday girl with loved ones.

Now all we need is disposable plates, cups, utensils, cake, snack foods and beverages for the party itself but those can be bought the day before the party - no big deal.

The best part about all this is she is expecting the same lame birthdays mom usually throws for her. Consisting of family coming over, chit chatting, having cake and opening presents. Woo, fun stuff. Not this year, oh no, she will remember this birthday for something more than that.

I figure she's only a kid once, she deserves to have a memorable birthday party. Hopefully one of many to come - if things go smoothly. Cross your fingers for me!

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