Blissdom Canada '11 has been our main focus as far as conferences go here at A Motherhood Experience. I have never been to a conference before, it will be my first time this fall. But, as you know there are of course many more conferences to attend this year. Blogher '11 was held in San Diego last weekend and now there's She'sConnected.

ShesConnected Conference brings influential digital women, moms, business women, social media voices and brands together under one roof for some mingling, networking and educational sessions for a day and a half in Toronto, Ontario. The conference takes place this year September 29th-30th.

The difference with this conference is that it is sponsored by some major names and it's invite only. Members of the She's Connected website have the opportunity to sign up and apply for a spot at the conference. There is still time to apply so why not, go take a shot you never know!

I decided, it couldn't hurt as I am a member of the ShesConnected community website, to apply. I did not think I would be chosen, there are hundreds of us in this field who are dreaming of going to something like this - as someone once said to me (and I agree) women are our worst critics, as a blogger I know there have been times I've said "Oh there's better out there, they will hire someone else" only to turn around and see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Earlier this week I noticed people excitedly announcing and congratulating some of the early bird winners of the ShesConnected Conference passes. It's so exciting to see people, bloggers and friends you follow online get these opportunities, as much as I would love them I'm always happy for those who get them too!

So, Tuesday afternoon I check my Twitter feed as usual and there is a surprise sitting in my mention feed from @SCConference congratulating me on being an early bird chosen to attend the conference! I was ecstatic all day long and the worst part is that DH (who also works at home lately) was having an awful day and I couldn't tell him until later on in the evening. Try holding news like that in from your spouse you tell everything to for that long!

He was totally supportive of the idea of me leaving on two separate conferences so close apart, he was a bit worried about being eaten alive by the kids but I think he will survive. :)

Now, as anything else I have the dilemma of planning the whole thing. Conferences always cost money unless you have been saving up, have lots of extra money or are lucky enough to be sponsored as @CouponMomCanada and I are for Blissdom Canada '11. I'm hoping the sponsor fairy can come through for me for ShesConnected Conference, I would hate to have to pass up an opportunity like this because I can't afford it at the moment financially. School is starting soon and also K's birthday at the end of August so things are a little tight when it comes to extra money to spend elsewhere unfortunately. On the bright side, there are still six weeks to get everything organized!

Either way until the time comes I am accepting the invitation and calling myself going! I'm so honoured to not only be chosen among the deemed most influential but also to be one of the early birds who found out before everyone else :) :) I wanted to go last year but I was too slow in the application process and missed out on my chances at even being considered, my own fault but I was on the ball this year!

Huge Thank-You to Donna-Marie and all the wonderful ladies of ShesConnected!  I can't wait to meet all of you at the conference!

*This is not a sponsored post. I was chosen among 200 influential women to attend ShesConnected Conference this fall. All opinions are honest and those of A Motherhood Experience*

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  1. Congrats! I look forward to seeing you there

  2. Congrats on getting invited! I'm keeping my fingers crossed - but honestly I don't think I'm influential enough.

    I live in TO, so maybe I'll just come down there and whimper through the window at the Sheraton :)


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