The last few weeks we have emerged into school,  the seasons are quickly changing and cooler weather is in the air, there is one thing creeping up faster than we know it, the holiday season. Yes, I know we aren't even October yet but just think, do you really want to rush around last minute trying to find the best gifts for your kids only to walk out disappointed with second best or worse, empty handed! We got a head start this year and took an early look at some of Hasbro Canada's toys for girls and we are sharing our ultimate favourites with you!

Girls just want to have fun, and Hasbro is here to help with some great toys for the little lady in your life!

Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles:

Dolls are always a great idea for any little girl in your life. I remember one of my first dolls was Baby Alive. You know the doll who moves her mouth, eats, drinks and of course dirties her diaper! She was one of my favourites for years and today Baby Alive comes in different models including the new Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles. This doll is perfect if you're looking for an adorable (realistic) baby doll for the little "mommy" in your house!  
Little girls will love playing "Mommy" with new Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles! Baby Alive babbles and giggles, kicks and wiggles with delight when she is fed her special juice mix or having a diaper change (juice mix and extra diaper included). So much fun to be had loving and taking care of the doll that acts like shes a real baby! (Ages 3+)
Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles comes with special juice mix pouch, 2 extra diapers and her feeding bottle. You can buy Baby Alive Wets n Wiggles for your little "mommy" at Walmart, Zellers and Toys R Us!

My Little Pony So Soft Newborn:

My Little Pony have been loved by little girls around the world for years. Our daughter, like other little girls her age too loves My Little Pony. She has collected several Ponies and play sets over the years including a plush one so we are excited to be giving her a My Little Pony So Soft Newborn.

My Little Pony So Soft Newborn dolls are the youngest Ponies in Pony Ville! Whether you are "feeding" Sweetie-Bell with her special bottle or soothing Sunny Daze with her special pacifier or helping Pinky-Pie learn to "walk", My Little Pony So Soft Newborns need your little girls help and have no problem telling them what they need! (Ages 3+)

Toys like My Little Pony So Soft Newborns are great because they are enjoyed by our daughter and safely aged appropriate for our three year old son!

Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jet Play set:

Little kids love little animals, as you may or may not know we are huge fans of Littlest Pet Shop in our house. Our daughter's seventh birthday was celebrated with the new Littlest Pet Shop Walkables and now the holidays will be celebrated with the Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop! Our daughter saw this toy in a local toy department and her voice filled the toy isles. She is definitely going to be one happy little girl!
We are new to the Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop series and it turns out Blythe is a pet-sitter! She is pet sitting a very special bull dog and they just love to travel! They load their luggage onto the cart and prepare for take off in their jet! They can watch movies, sit in their comfy seats and have snacks together, what a fun ride!
Let your imagination soar with Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jet Play set! Unload their luggage from the included cart and stow it on the plane vehicle. Bull dog has his own special seat made just for him! Now there is one more decision to make: will Blythe be playing pilot on this adventure or will she join Bull dog in the back for some DVD watching fun while the plane flies on autopilot?

Set comes with Blythe doll, pet, jet and accessories and can be purchased at Zellers, Toys r Us or Walmart! (Ages 4+)

There is nothing happier during the holidays than the glimmer in your child's eyes opening a toy you are proud to give them and it doesn't hurt to start thinking about these things and have your list checked twice and ready for the holiday season rush!

For more great gift ideas and to check out what else Hasbro Canada has to offer your family please visit www.hasbrocanada.com/en_CA

Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Product was received for review purposes however comments and opinions on this blog are always authentic and those of the author! We would like to Thank Hasbro Canada for providing each toy as a prize to one lucky AME winner! Congrats to the winner!

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  1. I shop well in advance but I always end up picking up some last minute items as well.

  2. I prepare early ...I like to get a head start

  3. I am always prepared a head of time. I have already started my Christmas shopping!

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  5. I'm always prepared ahead of time. I don't like to leave anything for the last minute.

  6. I start shopping early, I look for the deals and stock up then.

  7. no,I try to shop ahead of time,but there is always things to pick up at the last minute as well!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  8. I am the last minute shopper and always scrambling at the very last second

  9. I like to prepare ahead of time but I always miss the boat :( However I try to finish by at least 2 weeks prior so that I don't have to go into any store unless absolutely necessary!

  10. I prepare ahead, I've already been searching for bargains for Christmas!
    Amy Brown

  11. In the past few years I've become much better at shopping ahead of time!

  12. I try to prepare ahead of time , i have last minute shopping

  13. I'm a last minute shopper. Don't know why I always enjoy the rush.
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  14. Years ago I was great at planning ahead and all my shopping was done in the summer. This year I am slow

  15. We usually last min shop in my house, not that we want to it just usually winds up happening that way.

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  16. I always prepre ahead of time, whenever there's a sale, I will start to think about who and what I need to shop for

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  17. I'm a last minute shopper... But each year I plan to change and prepare gifts beforehand..

  18. I always start early but I always seem to be rushing around at the last minute as well!

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  19. I try to buy here and there throughout the year when things are on sale. I have gotten much better the last couple of years.


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