We covered a few girls gifts in our Hasbro toys for Girls however what about the little guy in your life? There are so many great toys out there. We are happy Hasbro has it all covered from learning to just plain old fashion having fun.

Our little guy is an official "Preschooler" he is three now, almost potty trained and ready to take on the world next fall in jr. kindergarten. He does share his sisters toys however there is nearly a four year age gap between them so a lot of the toys our daughter receives are too advanced for him, are fragile for little hands to handle or contain small parts which can pose a choking hazard to younger kids. We want to give him something he can enjoy. 

Playskool Alphie:

A great idea to start him off on the right path would be a learning toy. What better than his very own talking robot? You do remember Alphie don't you? He taught us our ABC's and 123's back when we were kids and now, with an updated version, Alphie is available for our children to enjoy! When I saw that Hasbro Canada still offered Alphie we had to take a look at him for our little guy who is a huge fan of anything robots!

Now more lifelike than ever before, Alphie sports an LCD screen to facial expressions, has a friendly childlike voice, and a playful, curious personality making Alphie robot not just a learning to but a beloved buddy. Along with his animated personality, which children will just love, this new modern Alphie friend from PlaySkool features important educational activities that help develop early learning skills in toddlers and preschoolers. With Alphie leading the way, preschoolers can learn the alphabet, rhyming, counting, colours and shape recognition, matching, animal names, instrument sounds and so much more! The new and improved Alphie learning companion has a sleek new look and convenient carrying handle. He comes with thirty double-sided cards that contain over 350 fun activities. Our Canadian version of Alphie emphasises our pronunciation of the letter "Z" as well as our spelling of the word "colour" - not to confuse any little Canadians! Alphie requires three "AA" batteries which are included!

I think PlaySkool Alphie has always been a good choice when introducing your younger ones to new learning toys. He is super friendly and quirky, his voice is clear and easy to understand as he talks like a robot. I'm sure Alphie will be a hit with many preschoolers this holiday season including our little guy!

Tonka Chuck and Friends Race Along Chuck

Our little guy is a huge fan of the Chuck and Friends television series, he absolutely loves anything to do with  cars and trucks. Chuck the truck is an enjoyable animated dump-truck, the series is about Chuck and his friends and it teaches lessons about friendship and problem solving. As a mom I think it's a great idea to introduce Chuck and Friends to the little racer in your life. Tonka Chuck and Friends Race Along Chuck is going to be a hit this holiday season, he moves and races around, great fun for the little guy!

Chuck the truck is bursting with energy and wants to race with your preschooler! Push or pull Race Along Chuck to make him go. Fill and empty his dump bed too! When your child presses his cab lights, he can cycle through the racing games quoting over 50 phrases and sounds! Fuel your preschoolers imagination and take them on a new adventure every day! (Ages 3+)

Transformers Rescue Bots PlaySkool Heroes
Bumblebee Rescue Garage Playset:

Dad is a big influence when it comes to our son and of course, like father like son our little guy loves Transformers. His two favourite things in one, robots and cars. I'm not talking the movies either, the two of them will sit and watch the cartoon together when it airs on tv, it's so cute! It brings back memories for my hubby and makes new ones for him and our son. Little guy has a couple of Transformers toys but he didn't have a playset, until now. Hasbro has a great assortment of Transformers play sets. Little guy is going to be thrilled, a playset themed with his favourite AutoBot, Bumblebee!

The Rescue Bots are getting tuned-up and ready to roll out of the Bumblebee Rescue Garage this holiday season! Bumblebee designed his garage himself to quickly change into a rescue station when disaster strikes, so that the Rescue Bots are always ready to save another day!

The Bumblebee Rescue Garage is a rescue station in disguise! The Axel Frazier figure can drive bumblebee through the car wash rollers as they rotate or use the towing hook to tow another vehicle that needs repairing (extra vehicles are sold separately). There is a lift that moves up and down to help move the cars around for repair. The Bumblebee vehicle even has a hidden robot underneath, stand it up to see it!

Whether they need a quick repair or they are preparing for a secret rescue mission, your preschoolers will have the 2-in-1 station they need to be little heroes! Play set comes with Bumblebee Vehicle and Axel Frazier figure. (Ages 3-6)

This holiday season think Hasbro Canada when it comes to the toys your kids will love. To see more of what Hasbro Canada has to offer visit their website at www.hasbro.com/en_CA


Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Product was received for review purposes however opinions and comments on this blog are always authentic and those of the author. We would like to thank Hasbro Canada for partnering to give one lucky AME reader the chance to win all these prizes. Congrats to the winner!

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  1. I shop well in advance but I always end up picking up some last minute items as well.

  2. I always have the best intentions to shop early but something always comes up that prevents that, however I do always try to be done at least 2 weeks prior so I don't have to go into a store unless it's absolutely necessary lol

  3. I shop very early. I have already started Christmas shopping.

  4. I'm usually prepared well ahead of time,,karasceviour at hotmail dot com

  5. I always shop early and try to get a head start on my christmas shopping but i always end up last minute shopping for something.. lol

  6. I plan ahead, I think I should start making some lists. Great ideas here!
    thank you!
    Amy Brown

  7. I'd love to win this for my nephews for their Christmas gifts! I shop in advance, but find it harder to find gifts for boys for some reason.

  8. I try to be prepared ahead of time,but there is always some last minute shopping to be done!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  9. I try to get prepared ahead of time. I always look for deals, and then buy things and put them in the closet for when needed!

  10. I used to shop ahead of time, but since my daughter has been born I'm doing everything last minute

  11. I'm a last minute shopper.
    ro20del atyahoo.com

  12. This year I am a last minute shopper, I think it is bc the kids have their own money and often buy things I have bought and put away

  13. I'm a combo person. I start early but still last minute shop

  14. I say I will plan ahead every year but always end up last minute shopping
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  16. I used to shop last minute but the last couple years I shop throughout the year when I find things on sale.

  17. I do both! I always pick up things that I know would be great gifts when I see them on sale, but when it's someone who's hard to buy for, I usually leave it last minute!

  18. I always last minute shop
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  19. Thank you so much! Just picked this up today and will be taking some down to be donated to kids in need once the holiday boxes are out!


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