Life can come at us pretty fast and sometimes we forget to take a few minutes to just breathe and have some fun.  Work never ends and school is back into full-swing with homework, activities and everything in between, we need to make time for play and quality time.

Weekdays are ruled by schedule and being an at home mom doesn't mean I have all the time in the world during my days to do whatever I want. In fact most days in my opinion, do not have enough hours in them. Like any parent, I have a household to run, children to raise and business to tend to in order for things to go smoothly most of the time.

Between hubby's crazy schedule, making sure the kids have everything they need, errands to run, bills to pay, appointments to book and attend, post deadlines, emails and so much more, there is something for almost every day of the week at our house. That doesn't necessarily stop us from stepping back and making time for play though - reconnecting as a family. When kids play, they learn. That's a given. Children's minds absorb everything and spending even an hour out of your busy parenting day just to laugh with them brings them to a place only parent and child can share.

Ever since we had our first of two children, we have had this bedtime routine. After supper, homework, dishes and bath time, we try to take some time out with the kids before bed. We play games, even if its just playing make believe. We read books, even if our youngest can't read quite yet he always enjoys listening to a good story. We have talks about our day and what made us smile the most. We just enjoy each other as a family, taking a moment to just be.

Surprises her every time :)

Weekends are a different story, we usually try to get out as a family. We go for park visits and walks, most of which result in the kids coming home with each a Kinder Surprise. We have made Kinder Surprise a fun tradition in our house, even if we get them for absolutely no reason except to enjoy the smiles they bring to the kids faces. I'm proud to be a #KinderMom because not only is Kinder Surprise a fun treat my kids have enjoyed since they can remember but also because Kinder believes (as I do) in the importance of letting kids be kids and continues to strive to create happy moments for Canadian families across the country. If you haven't seen the new Kinder Surprise toys for 2012 check out the Kinder Canada Facebook page to see some pictures of the new line up! They have some pretty cool toys this time around from race cars to water-squirters, stamps, flyer's and so much more!
Do  you "like" Kinder Canada on facebook? You should because right now Kinder Canada has an amazing contest going on. 10 community members have the chance to win a Kinder gift basket full of goodies worth $200! Winners are being drawn in October! The first of many fun and exciting things being offered on the Facebook page, be sure to LIKE them and check in often to stay up to date on the latest of everything Kinder Canada!

How do you make time for play in your family?


*Disclosure: This post was written in participation with the KINDER Mom program. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. Opinions and views expressed are always honest and my own.*


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