This week is back to school week, memories in the making sending our little ones back on the big yellow bus for another year of learning and making new friends. I spent Monday afternoon labeling her things, of course using Mabel's Labels I got that done in no time! I packed her pink school bag with what I thought she would need for her first day: a pencil case with pencil, eraser and sharpener and extra shoes. We packed up her lunch the night before and set out her clothes which she picked out herself. Since K's birthday was just a week ago, she chose to wear one of her brand new outfits that her aunt got her as a birthday gift. A pretty pink top (with faux belt), dark blue "skinny jeans" and her brand new Sketchers that grandpa got her for her birthday present. It helps having a birthday so close, she asks for clothes from the grandparents etc which is perfect for back to school!

As for me, I was surprised with myself. All summer I have been in the habit of going to bed really late and getting up around 9am if I had no reason to be up any earlier other than for the kids but they slept in pretty good all summer, thankful for that! This doesn't work when you have a bus to catch at 7:50am, even though as hard as I tried to get my butt to bed earlier it just didn't work. Ever since I was child I have been a night-owl, if I'm not  tired to the point my eyes want to close when I go to bed I end up just laying there staring at the darkness or worse, thinking. Hard to sleep when your brain won't let you so I usually keep myself busy until I get tired enough to sleep. Anyway, needless to say I actually got in bed at a decent hour the night before and got up with my alarm, which by the way I had set with the ringtone for "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses. Coffee was already brewing as I remembered to pre set the machine!

By the time I was out of the washroom, dressed and ready downstairs K was already in the kitchen waiting on her breakfast with a big smile "It's the first day of school!" - Yes it was!

Sending her off this year was much easier than previous years. I remember the first time we dropped her off at daycare I had to hold back from crying, now I'm putting her on the big yellow bus all on her own - no tears this time! So to all you moms out there sending off first timers, it WILL get easier as they get older, well when it comes to sending them off to elementary school that is, we haven't hit the college or university stage here so I can just imagine what kind of blubbery mess I will be when that time comes. For now, I'll enjoy being able to kiss her goodbye every morning and hug her hello every afternoon :-) 

Her first day went well except for one little thing, she forgot her brand new Thermos at school :( Luckily we stuck a label on it! I hope she finds it though, it was really nice. Nonetheless she had a great first day and that's what matters! We hope your little ones had a great first day and mom, have a great first week!


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