The Internet as well all know it is a vast world of learning - you can find information about anyone and just about anything online including your personal finances. From life insurance to buying a new home, RateSuperMarket.ca is Canada's one stop website for personal finance rates!

About RateSupermarket.ca:

RateSupermarket.ca was founded by Kelvin Mangaroo and launched in 2008. The idea began when Mr. Mangaroo saw a need for Canadians to be able to use the Internet to easily compare and find information on all their personal financial rates all in one place. RateSupermarket.ca once started out focusing on Mortgage Rates, quickly grew to offer rates for personal finances such as insurance, credit cards, GICs, savings accounts and more! They even have a handy app so you can check your rates on the go!

RateSupermarket.ca has a new program called LEARN which is dedicated to educating you about your personal finances through articles, tips, tools and guides.

One new tool from LEARN is the First Time Home Buyer's Guide, which is a free 14 email informational series to get property newbies into shape for buying their first home. Think of it as a two week boot camp for buying your first home. Throughout the series they've also included quizzes, tools and tips along the way.

Also, on top of the new home owners guide, on the website you can find information on credit rates, life insurance and savings rates too. Very useful information for anyone starting out on their financial journey or anyone looking for information about their personal finance.

Sign up for the free 14 email informational series "First Time Home Buyer's Guide" right here through our widget - you won't regret it - I know I don't!

*This is a sponsored post by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of RateSupermarket.ca. Giveaway prize sponsored by RateSupermarket.ca. We have reviewed this mentioned website, all opinions are honest and always our own.*

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