We just returned from  Blissdom Canada ‘11 in Toronto, Ontario. This was something we had planned since the beginning of the year, something we worked hard for and something we are grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to experience.

I'll start this off by saying it was an amazing event - it was more than what we expected and we came home with so  much more than we thought we would (idea-wise, although the swag was pretty good too ;))

Honestly, I am still really tired from the whole weekend (it was that good!) and I had a hard time finding the words to describe how great the entire event was. We connected with some great brands, we met some fantastic tweeps in real life. We were pampered, star studded and educated but there was just so much more to it than that.

Thank you to the Blissdom Canada team Barbara, Paula, Alli and Catherine - you ladies did an amazing job putting everything together, we love you! On top of having a fantastic team, without the sponsors we wouldn't have been able to experience what we did. From booths to suites and everything in between thank you to those who sponsored and we a part of our Blissdom Canada experience:

I came up with a little something using what pictures I had (if I’ve used one of yours you’ve been credited in it! If not please let me know!) This was my very first attempt at doing any kind of video-media for the blog, (be kind) I hope you enjoy it - my own "thank you" from the heart.

As for the learning aspect of the event, not only did I come back with more knowledge to put toward A Motherhood Experience but I also learned some things I didn't know and was reminded of things I should be doing. I also learned what it means to have a real community of people who are just like me. We were all there because we are women, we have blogs, we inspire. For those I had the opportunity to meet and finally give that long overdue hug to - thank you for the experience!

After an experience like this, I would definitely attend next years Blissdom Canada '12 - Who knows what luck will bring our way!


*The video was created by and post was written by @AMotherhoodBlog. Video Music by Cindy Lauper. Thank you to our Blissdom Canada ‘11 sponsor and partners www.KidZoomer.com for making this trip possible for @CouponMomCanada and I. All opinions are honest and always our own. Updated October 21st 2011*

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  1. aww..love your video! Looks like a great time..and you look wonderful! :)

  2. It was great seeing you at the event! Hopefully more in Ottawa too ;)

  3. Nice - Really cool video! Had a blast :) Suzanne


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