The holiday season is just around the corner (or so that's what it feels to me) and it has me thinking about family, the ones who live far and we don't get to talk to often because of the cost of long distance on a cell phone. Most people would tell us to use a land line but the thing is we got rid of the land line when our oldest daughter was born - that's over seven years living off cell phones. The plan isn't costly, we have a good plan and good deal considering we have two smart phones with data plans too but like on any cell phone no matter what provider, what type of plan - long distance can get you.

High Liner knows how important it is for moms to save money and still keep in touch with their loved ones during the holidays or anytime without the worry about how much it's going to cost on the phone bill in the long run.

High Liner and GL2GO have you covered. GL2GO is a free smart phone app that allows you to call long distance, anywhere, anytime with any provider without putting a dent in your current phone bill. It's like a calling card app for your smart phone! It's also great to have if you need to make a long distance call but don't make them often enough to pay for an extra feature like "so many minutes for such price" in your current phone plan. GL2GO offers long distance rates for less than 2 cents. Right now High Liner is offering 40 free GL2GO minutes on specially marked packages.

When I was approached about this particular app I immediately thought of my cousin and how we never actually get to talk other than via text because it would be a killer on both of our cell phone bills as neither of us run from a land line anymore.

It was easy to get started by going to www.40FreeMinutes.com and signing up. Once you sign up you'll be prompted to verify and download the (free) app. Once you download it, enter your user name and password to start making calls! You can add codes up to 200 free minutes!

Have a Smart Phone and want to try out GL2GO for yourself? Fill out the RaffleCopter Ballot below to be eligible to win one of three Full Product Coupons for High Liner so you can collect the points and try out this great long distance rate calling app for yourself!

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*We received 200 free minutes for review purposes but are under no obligation to post about this promotion. All opinions are honest and those of A Motherhood Experience*



  1. I would call my brother with the extra long distance.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  2. I would call my brother who is long distance

  3. I would call my hubby when he is gone away..he goes away for a few months at a time,and the phone bill gets quite expensive,so this would be great for us!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  4. i would call my mom because she lives over 5000kms away.

  5. I would call my grandma as she does not live in Canada

    sweetpanda2010 at gmail dot com

  6. I'd call my Aunts overseas! We don't get to keep in contact enough.

  7. I'd call my mom as she lives in WPG and I am in CGY she is 85

    sweetpeg at gmail dot com


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