When we attended ShesConnected Conference we had the opportunity to talk to Andrea Karpala of Faye Clack Communications and she wanted us to try products "ET TU by Linsey Foods". I had never heard of ET TU before but as always I love trying new things and always encourage my family to do the same, what better way than through a family meal!

Linsey Foods began in 1989 with the introduction of the first-ever boxed salad kit under the brand name of ET TU Caesar. With the addition of other salad types, a desert line and now dinner kits, they shortened the name to ET TU in 2004.

ET TU food kits are created to take the guessing and the waiting on making scrumptious, nutritious meals the entire family can enjoy. I know I am one of those moms who can cook a from-scratch meal but when things get busy I love having the option of using dinner kits to help speed the process of making dinner up.

ET TU Kits include Salads such as Caesar, Caesar Light, Southwest Ranch; Deserts such as Apple Crisp and Banana Cream Pie and Dinner kits for preparing your favourite fish dishes like Citrus Dill with Wild Rice Medley or Maple Mustard Fish Fillets with Orzo Pasta! 

We were sent a few of each kind of kit to try out with our family. So far we had the chance to try out the salad kit and the apple crisp kit.

Each Family size ET TU Salad Kit makes two large sized salads or six or more side salads. We tried the Caesar Light Kit. It boasts the rich flavour of the ET TU Caesar Original but contains only half the fat and one-third less calories. Ingredients include a creamy and light Caesar dressing, multi-grain croutons, bacon flavoured bits and Parmesan cheese. We have used different salad kits in the past but I have to say the ET TU Salad kits are really good, you can taste the quality ingredients used to prepare them. My family really enjoyed the salad we created with the kit, we ran out of romaine lettuce and had to add in a bit of regular lettuce but it was really good just the same. It served our family of four one decent sized serving each. For those who enjoy larger servings or seconds, it would be recommended to make two boxes of the kit in place of just one.

Each ET TU Desert Kit makes up to eight servings. The kits include the finest ingredients, that when paired with fresh fruit, come together to create a delicious dessert no one will know didn't take ages to prepare. Apple Crisp is one of my favourite fall deserts and I usually make it from scratch myself so I was excited to try out the ET TU Apple Crisp Desert Kit. The Apple Crisp Desert Kit includes raisins, a blend of oats, brown sugar, spice and a caramel drizzle. It was so easy, we just peeled and cut up the apples, followed the directions and a little over 30 minutes later we had yummy Apple Crisp straight from the oven! I really enjoyed the ET TU Salad and Dessert Kits experience. The kits were beyond easy to prepare and not to mention really good. They tasted home-made and the portions were decent (although like always, my little ones wanted seconds so two boxes would be needed for a big meal for sure). It's a nice change to your typical ready to make foods. Can't wait to pick up some fish fillets and try out the fish kits next!

Here is a list of stores across Canada that carry ET TU Salad, Dinner and Desert kits!The Apple Crisp kit featured here is the old packaging however if you happen to be looking for it in store it looks more like this now:

Win it!

Now that we have you drooling, our friends at Linsey Foods want you to try out ET TU Salad and Dessert kits for yourself! One lucky reader has the chance to win a ET TU food kit gift basket (which includes a variety of ET TU kits courtesy of A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Linsey Foods.

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*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of ET TU Dinner Kits and Linsey Foods. We received product samples for review purposes. Giveaway prize sponsored by Linsey Foods. All opinions are honest and always our own*



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