I am part of the Mom Central Canada Seventh Generation Blog Tour and being part of this program means I get to do some pretty good things for deserving people. I have always been passionate about giving back to our local community whether it be giving books we no longer need to our daughter's school library or canned/non-perishable items to the food bank, it just feels good to give.

We have been talking about the Eco-friendly brand Seventh Generation, how they thrive on bringing safe, chemical free products into our homes and harmful chemicals out, we have had the opportunity to try out  their line of baby products like Seventh Generation diapers.

Right now Seventh Generation has a BOGO program going on. No, not buy one, get one but Buy One Give One. Every time someone buys Seventh Generation diapers, Seventh Generation gives a bag of their diapers to a local shelter in need. If you'd like to participate all you have to do is buy a bag of Seventh Generation diapers and they will give a bag. Our local Metro carries Seventh Generation brand diapers.

Our local community center runs a program called "The Baby Cupboard" where they collect donations for moms and babies in need such as food, clothing, wipes, diapers, bottles and so forth. I think its a wonderful program, no baby should go without things they need. When I found out the second part of the Seventh Generation program was to donate bags of diapers to a local charity of our choice I thought of our community center right away and the great program they have for moms and babies in our area. Not only do they have the "Baby Cupboard" program, but they also have mom and baby play groups, we actually looked into the playgroups program when K was little.

As soon as I received the box of diapers I  e-mailed the coordinator of the program to let her know what was going on - that I would be delivering those diapers for the Baby Cupboard program within a couple of weeks. She was very happy and said they accept any and all donations - always appreciated. I love feeling good about doing good - there doesn't have to be something in it for me and my family either, just that feeling. If you've ever given to those who need it more, you know what feeling I'm talking about. 

Early one rainy morning after dropping my daughter off at her bus stop, I gathered the diapers (and a bunch of extra reusable shopping bags I wanted to donate at the same time) and headed off to the Overbrook-Forbes Community Center. It is usually a pretty busy place - everyone had the same reason for being there, they needed some help. I can admit in my life there have been times in the past where I have needed help and I was never turned away - I was thankful and I am grateful to have been able to help out our own community like this.

Unfortunately the coordinator was not available at the time I went, so I left her a note and my business card attached so she can contact me when she can. The receptionist was about to remove the diapers from the purple shopping bags when I told her the bags were included as part of my donation to the center and more were in the bag with the diapers. She said she really appreciated and that shopping bags are a good idea - always welcome.

I walked in to that building with bags full and left with a heart full - although not the first time, it felt good to give this much thanks to Seventh Generation.

If you'd like to learn more about Seventh Generation, their products and to join the 7th Gen Nation please visit http://ca.seventhgeneration.com/community_ca

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