Happy Thanksgiving 2011, I hope everybody had a fantastic weekend filled with good food and above all, good company. 

We gave thanks and celebrated with my dad, it was a Thanksgiving like no other although it was just the five of us. The kids were excited and couldn't wait for the today. They love when grandpa comes to visit.

Dad brought everything we needed to make a full on turkey dinner, something we hadn't really planned on doing. Initially I had invited him over for maybe a lunch and a coffee or something but he insisted he wanted to come over and have us make Thanksgiving dinner, together.

We had of course the turkey, homemade stuffing, turnip, potatoes, coleslaw, cranberries and buns. The turkey was huge, 20lbs. I couldn't believe he brought such a big turkey, we have left overs for a week!

I have honestly never made such a big meal in a long time, in fact I don't think I have ever made that big a meal with someone who knows as much about cooking as I do, okay dad knows a little more but he's not far off. We had a good laugh about his liquid gravy that ended up being tossed and my over-cooked turnip. Ah well, I gave them some colour and they were still edible!

The turkey was really good, we cooked it in an electric turkey pan as I also needed the stove for other things and the turkey was going to take five hours to cook. Dh made coleslaw, he normally does not touch a thing in the kitchen but I give him credit! He did well making the coleslaw, even the kids enjoyed it and normally they don't like cabbage salad of any kind!

Dad had made two nice pies, apple and pumpkin but we were so full from dinner we didn't get around to those until later ;) We can all say we had a really great day, it was nice to spend the time together and him with his grand kids too. I'm thankful we were able to have that second chance to reconnect and as my father said during his dinner toast "begin a new era". That's one other thing I am thankful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)


*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and always my own.*

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