Music influences our lives and for me it has since I was a young girl. When I was going through the process of surgery and recovery at the age of 9-10 years old, one of my favourite groups was of course New Kids On The Block - if you don’t know who they are you’re either too old or too young (just kidding, everyone has their own taste but this for me 20 years ago was what I enjoyed quite a bit). Being stuck in bed a lot I would listen to the tapes (oh god did I just say tapes?) on the Walkman (Now I feel old) my dad set up for me, over head foam ear phones and all! That’s how we rolled back in the day ;-)

I had posters on my wall of all the guys but my favourite (along with zillions of other girls) was always Jordan Knight. My friends and I even had the dolls - wait, should I call them dolls? They resembled Barbies boyfriend Ken or maybe GI Joe - so I suppose “action figure“ would be appropriate. Anyway, I had two Jordan’s and everyone else but was missing Donnie because relatives I guess didn’t communicate back then and I was double gifted that Christmas needless to say. Of course years passed, I grew up and I don’t  have any of that fan memorabilia anymore.

This past Saturday night something pretty amazing happened at Blissdom Canada ‘11 - Jordan Knight himself made a surprise appearance at the Blissdom Canada Costumes and Karaoke Party! Yes, you read that right - Mr. New Kids On The Block crashed our party!  It was an event of a lifetime for a room full of  (happily partying) digital women. While we caught our glimpse @ThatEricAlper was standing by handing out Jordan’s new CD!

For me, I thought it was pretty cool that they surprised us and I got to meet someone I looked up to as a kid - you don’t get that every day, at least I don’t!

We were all lucky enough to not only catch a glimpse of Jordan but also take a picture with him. He thought my Disco Diva costume was pretty neat.  I don’t want to know what he thought of my goofy dance moves - hey, he asked and I demonstrated. :) I’m such a dork! Happily the picture came out great!! (Thanks to the photog!)

@AMotherhoodBlog & Jordan Knight

Another surprise came when he actually went up on stage and sang a few of the old hits we grew up with including one of my favs “Hangin’ Tough”. I was lucky my iPhone battery lasted long enough for me to capture some footage for all of you to see how much fun we had with our surprise guest at Blissdom Canada ‘11! I would have had more pictures to share but you know, the whole battery dying thing didn’t help but here’s a little two-minute clip of what we experienced!


One last note: Thank you everyone who made Blissdom Canada ‘11 possible and THANK YOU again to Jenn and my Blissdom Canada ‘11 trip sponsor www.KidZoomer.com for sending us to this amazing event!


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  1. ACK!!!! Soooooooooooo jealous!! Can I tell you that when I was a teenager, I SERIOUSLY thought I was going to end up married to Jordan Knight?!? I had the doll, posters, cassettes (and later, CDs), VHS tapes, concert books, pins, pillow case, EVERYTHING!!! LOL!


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