Halloween is just around the corner, we can't wait to take our little ones out again this year for our annual family Trick-or-Treating. We usually don't hand out candies because we have two crazy dogs who would be barking all night at every door bell ring,  but we may just make an exception this year!

Instead of your typical junk-food treats like candy, chocolate, chips and other sorts of sugary goodies why not treat the kids with a fun  sized can of Play Doh compound that's sure to last long after that last piece of candy is all gone!

You can purchase special Halloween bags at www.HasbroToyShop.com, Amazon, Walmart and Toys R Us. Each bag contains 20 fun-sized containers for $4.99! That's also cheaper than buying candies, they also make a great addition to Halloween party loot bags for your little gobblin guests to take home after your hosted Halloween Party!

We have received these miniature versions of Play Doh at other events and occasions I'm happy to see they brought them out for Halloween! I can't wait to give ours to family and friends! I'm sure our kids won't be disappointed as they LOVE Play Doh!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween everybody!


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Hasbro Canada and Play Doh. We received samples for review purposes. All opinions are honest and always my own*



  1. Fantastic idea! If enough ppl do this, kids will get a decent mix!!

  2. I gave these out the last 2 years to my kids school / daycare. With all the peanut allergies and restrictions of what you can sent to school, these were the perfect solution and a big hit.

  3. great idea I wouldn't have thought of this, great for little kiddies who really shouldn't have so much sugar


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