October seems to have just flown right by with the blink of an eye! This past week we have been preparing the house and the kids for Halloween on Monday night. Oh how excited they have been getting everything ready for the spooktacular celebrations!
Halloween has been an annual tradition since I was a kid and in our house ever since K was born. We feel Halloween is one of the "kids celebrations" - a time to celebrate make-believe and go out and have fun, it brings back fond memories. A night to be spoiled just the once with free candy. I remember loving Halloween - as I became an older child it was an excuse to get creative with my costumes, I went one year as "The Mask". You know, the green weirdo played by Jim Carrey from that movie in the 90's? ;-)

Speaking of creativity, DH and the kids decorated the living room with Halloween lights, scary spider webs and various other Halloween decorations we've collected (and managed to keep) over the years. Those blow up Kinder Surprise toys came in handy as K thought the bat and would make a great decoration along with her home made ones from school.

K spent the weekend before with my dad, grandpa to her and one project he did with her was carve out a Halloween pumpkin. Typically this is part of our family Halloween tradition but it was a nice touch this year to have someone else convince her to pull the guts out of the pumpkin. They did a really good job and of course K picked a cat on her pumpkin.

Now, I don't trust the kids in our neighborhood, they are known for smashing pumpkins (no, not the band - physically smashing nice decorative pumpkins!) so I created a nice little centerpiece for the table using it and some other Halloween decorations we had around. I know the pumpkin means a lot to K and she would be devastated if anything bad should happen to it - even though eventually it has to go into the green bin.

We aren't going to nor throwing any Halloween parties this year but it always puts huge smiles on the kids faces when we decorate and it's a fun activity to do together. 

The kids are prepared with costumes and trick-or-treat buckets for the big night. K is going as a witch and D is going as batman. It took K a while to decide, she was flipping between a fairy and a witch. Honestly I can say I'm happy she chose a witch, it's a more traditional costume - I think we've all been a witch on a Halloween or two.

I can't wait to show you what they look like all dressed up in their costumes! K ended up with two witch hats so I might end up throwing the extra on when we take the kids out for trick-or-treating. Why not join in the fun! ;)

As every year I am looking forward to this Halloween - more memories in the making! This weekend we will be attempting to make some ghostly goodies for Halloween night!
Do you and your family have any special Halloween traditions?
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