Blissdom Canada was our destination in Toronto last weekend but before we got into the real conference and celebrating we had the opportunity to meet Canadian entrepreneur Samantha Graff - owner and creator of Sammy G’s - Personalized, quality, unique gifts and services for bizee peeps!

I first heard of Sammy G’s through a promotion by our Blissdom Canada sponsor @KidZoomer. I already knew what Sammy G’s offered, high-quality, personalized items for just about any occasion, but I didn’t know much about the woman behind the idea.

We met Samantha in the Hilton hotel, in fact she found me in the lobby before we even checked in and I let her know we just needed to get settled in. Shortly after we got settled we tweeted and set up a meeting place to sit down and chat with her. She came fully prepared with a suitcase full of samples of just about everything in her line on www.SammyGs.com. She demonstrated and told us all about her products and also told us a little bit of history behind Sammy G's.

In 1996 a journey began with homesick students at the University of Ontario, baking up goodies which soon after flourished into a passion for Samantha, creating beautiful products adding a personal touch. Everyone who experienced the cookies loved them. The cookies themselves not to mention the presentation wrapped with love - Samantha was encouraged to take it a step further, she decided she wanted to take the guessing out of gift giving and offer her services with personalized items for everyone, not just cookies anymore! Having a history in real-estate including the overall desire to just make people happy, Samantha knew it was a risk worth taking. She puts pride, love and joy into her projects. Even her mom is involved with her in a mother-daughter Realtor business - they have a strong mother/daughter bond which I admire so much!

When talking about her brand Sammy G’s, Samantha was very thorough and showed her passion for her business (or as she says her “baby”) - she showed she really cared about what she does and the people she serves - it reminded me how I am about my blog. We had something in common, we are both business women with a dream and a passion to reach out to others through our talents.
Sammy G’s offers a wide variety of special gifts for everyone including babies, kids, bridal party, and even pets! Every one of Sammy G’s items are personalized with a name embroidered into the material.

Items like the Polar Fleece Blanket for babies and toddlers, Wrap Around Hoodie Animal Towels and B Squeezer pants are sure to make a great gift for any mom-to-be!

There were so many items she had to show us, it's amazing what your passion and a little imagination can come up with. We were shown two of her featured items - Purse Organizer Bag and Magnetic Key Finder and given them as gifts to take home with us.

The Purse Organizer is great for keeping important things together a tote bag. You can organize your wallet, makeup, biz cards and just about anything you need to take with you on an outing and simply put the bag into your tote and makes switching purses a snap. It closes with a string and the front pocket has a zipper to keep your belongings in the bag. Check out the different colours and styles here.You can have whatever you want written on the bag. Mine says "wet stuff" because it was originally made for summer time to put wet bathing suits and the like in. I don't mind, it goes inside my purse anyway!

The Magnetic Key Finder is handy for women who carry big purses. Put the trinket on one side of your purse lining and the magnet on the other, that’s it. Then you just place your keys on it and the magnet does the rest. Being an iPhone owner I was concerned about the magnet being so close to my phone if it would mess it up but according to Sammy she said she had the same concern when she first put this item into her shops and she was guaranteed there would be no problem. They are useful and stylish as they come in different patterns including a special Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon - part of the proceeds from sales of this particular PINK Magnetic Key Finder goes to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. These are not personalized items but they are meaningful. I received the lovely cupcake magnetic key finder (pictured above).

Click here to check out more of what Sammy G’s offers!

It was a pleasure sitting down and chatting with a fellow Canadian business woman, my fellow blogger and friend Jeannine from My Bits and Bleeps had the opportunity to speak to her as well - check out her blog for her review!

Thank you Samantha for taking the time to meet with us, talking to us about your passion for business and life, and for the gifts you kindly gave to us as well!


*This is not a sponsored post and was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Sammy G as a Thank You for our gifts received during our meeting. All opinions are honest and always my own*


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