HP is back this holiday season with some fantastic additions to their estation line of home office printers. Introducing to you the HP Envy 100 - a less complex version of it's big brother the HP PhotoSmart with Zeen, the HP Envy 100 brings the quality and fun into your home office with it's unique sleek model and front panel touch screen.

We have always been fans of HP printers, the quality has never disappointed and the models they have come out with recently are ones you want to show off. I remember my moms first HP Printer, it was one of the first all-in-ones and it looked like a big blue lunch box. Despite the size, that printer is still working almost ten years later. The HP Envy 100 - is a sleeker, more compact hub of all things print.

About the HP Envy 100:

The HP Envy 100 has a sleek, black and compact exterior with a hidden paper tray that holds up to 80 sheets of regular sized printing paper. Wireless networking is integrated to make it easy to connect to your home network. The wireless network also allows you to download HP apps right from the on-printer screen and print from the web without using the computer. Unlike the Zeen this is just a screen and is not a removable tablet. The front touch screen panel also makes it easy to scan and copy images having the options to email, print or save them.

As any HP web-connected series printers, the HP Envy 100 also has the eprint capabilities allowing you to send an email to the specific printer email address, sending your pictures and documents right to your printer while you are away. If you are worried about security you can always set up specific senders on a private network. This is one feature that I really like about the HP e-series.

The print quality is that of your standard 2 cartridge printer but remember with any printer it all depends on the documents printed, quality of paper and printer settings.

HP has apps for their e-series printer, we use HP apps on our HP TouchSmart computer so we are not new to these. App is short for application, a program that enhances the features of a computing device such as a printer. Similar to what you have on your smartphones.
HP web apps provide direct connections to easy to use web content with a wide variety of uses:
  • Parents can easily find and print games, puzzles and colouring pages for kids and make life a little easier with coupons and recipes at easy access.
  • You can check Face book with your smartphone and see if anybody tagged you in those holiday photos. If you like the photo you can print it off on the go and have it waiting for you when you get home.
  • Preparing work schedules and other documents to review from home is a breeze and can save the busy business person time in the office before heading out for their holiday days off.

Being as it is, the HP e-series run a little on the more expensive side when it comes to a printer, the Envy 100 goes for $299.99 on the HP website but with features like downloadable apps and the ability to print from afar, this is not your average everyday printer.

If in the budget and you want to surprise someone this year, give them the gift that lasts all year with a HP e-series printer!


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of HP. We received an HP Envy 100 for review purposes. All opinions are honest and always our own.*


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