Play dates are a fun way to get kids (and adults) together for a couple of hours of socializing, whats even more fun is when the play date is a special one shared with special friends. This weekend we did just that, we had a special play date and the best part - it was sponsored by Mega Bloks!

We celebrated Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends with some of our friends! I had to keep it a secret from our little guy although his sister knew all about it. It was so hard keeping it a secret for as long as I did (a whole two weeks!). When the day finally arrived, he was very happy having a Mega Bloks themed play date in honour of his favourite blue train especially since he got to share them with his friends.

For 25 years Mega Bloks have been creating award-winning toys with great play value, specifically designed for little hands and big ideas. Mega Bloks encourages children to discover their imagination and use their creativity as the construction set toys are meant to expand and grow like children do.

We have had Mega Bloks play sets in our house since the kids were of age to play with the larger Mega Bloks. They have such bright ideas, there is always something to build. We were quite excited to dig into the Thomas and Friends play sets.

Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends play sets allow children to be creative and build railways for their trains to ride along. The kids got to build and play with Thomas and Diesel, each set contains 17-18 pieces. You open up the container, take out the pieces, flip the container over and you have your rails to begin building from. Flip it back over and put all the pieces back in the container for easy storage. Very convienient, we all know how hard it can be keeping a set completely together for more than one day.

During playtime the kids enjoyed watching Thomas and Friends: Thomas and the runaway kite, although I believe it was supposed to be "Day of the Diesels", must have been a DVD mix up. Either way everybody had fun, us grown-ups (as usual) joined in helping the kids put together their train sets. They were a little easier to put together than the ones at our Mega Bloks play date last year. I remember how we laughed so hard trying to figure out how to fit them altogether. Always an enjoyable time when Mega Bloks is in the house!

Our play date ended with a hot-dog and fries lunch, you can never go wrong with kids and hot dogs! We had so much fun that our guests didn't want to go so we promised we would get together again soon enough. The kids left happy and so did their mom as the winner of the Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends themed play set! I was pleased everyone had smiles on their faces, what a great play date!

Thomas - one of the doors is backward
idk must have been a defect.

My kids played with their Thomas and Friends sets until bedtime - I had a little bit of a rough time putting it away with little guy, he insisted on sleeping with Thomas in his bed, that was fine with me. Fun for everyone, the Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends sets are definitely something to look into for the Thomas and Friends fan (ages 3-6) on your Christmas list this year!

For more information about Mega Bloks and the Thomas and Friends play sets please visit www.megabloks.com


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience in participation with MommyParties sponsored by Mega Bloks. We received a Mega Bloks play set as a thank you gift. All opinions are honest and our own*


  1. What a great review! I like how you made a party out of it. Rosemary

  2. It was a great day and my kids are still playing with Thomas and Diesel. I have been asked a few times when we are going to have the next play date. We will have to figure that one out soon :)


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