Let's talk sweeteners for a moment.  Sweeteners were created for people who want to cut down calories on sugary foods or for people who are diabetic, like my dad. We have sugar for our coffee but when dad comes
to visit he requests sweetener for his coffee. I kept on forgetting to buy some for when he does visit so he was nice enough to drop off a box so we have it handy for him. It's important he watches his daily sugar intake.

I think it's important for restaurants to offer a variety when it comes to condiments for their customers and this includes sugar and sweeteners. Some people prefer one brand to another for their different reasons and diabetes is a very important one.

Equal is one choice many have when it comes to sweeteners. Originally discovered in 1965, it wasn't until the 1980's that Equal became a popular low-calorie sweetener choice in the USA and now today in Canada.

This week we were on a mission to find out if Equal sweeteners are an option at our local McDonald's restaurant location. Now, the location closest to us within walking distance is on St. Laurent boulevard and it's quite small. It's not a sit in location (they really should build a bigger McDonald's closer to where we live) but we did stop in to see if they had any McCafe's and of course Equal.

I noticed that location changed their exterior signage on the door and now offer breakfast starting at 5am! I'm usually not up let alone out and about that early but for those who are, enjoy! 

Because the location is so small I went inside by myself and hubby stayed outside with the kids, we were out running some errands together. I waited in line for about two minutes and when my turn came I asked if they served McCafe's and the employee shook her head and said no. So, I then asked if they offered Equal as a sweetener option for customers coffee and she said no, handing me another brand of sweetener in place. I then asked if she knew if there was anybody I could talk to regarding offering Equal to their customers and she said her manager was unavailable. I did not notice any specials or deals available.

No Equal at this location :(

The initial point of going there was to get some supreme hot chocolate for the kids (and a Mocha McCafe for the adults) I unfortunately left with regular coffee and no Equal. With that joined my family outside and we went to head on our way to finish our errands. We ended up getting the kids a treat at the store for being so good waiting while mommy checked if McDonald's had what we wanted!

My first shopping mission and it was a bust but I did fill out a customer survey for McDonald's Canada online when I got home. I noticed that McDonald's has a contest going on when you fill out a customer satisfaction survey you are automatically entered to win $1000 cash or one of six $25 gift cards weekly! 

The survey doesn't take long to fill out and there's an area to leave a comment. I simply asked about McDonald's possibly offering Equal as an option for customers who use artificial sweeteners. I also requested they bring the McCafe to this location. Let's see if a customer service rep will get back to me. 

We will have to visit another McDonald's location on our next mission for #EqualCanada!

Visit the website to learn more about Equal. Do you use social media? @EqualCanada and @McD_Canada can be found on Twitter, don't forget to like
the Equal Canada facebook page too!


*This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias. All opinions and comments are honest and our own.*

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