Baking has always been in my family. My grandmother baked, my aunt and mother baked, even my dad bakes! I love baking too although sometimes my attempted creations don't turn out how I want them, I get more compliments than complaints overall from the family when I whip up tasty treats for them.

My daughter also has the love of baked goods - both eating them and helping make them. Usually when I am in the kitchen she is not far behind me, putting on her small bakers apron or "helpers apron" as she calls it. We don't always bake from scratch but the time spent together and the smiles afterward are what we look forward to the most.

I understand my daughters love of baking, when I was a little girl I remember begging my parents for my very own baking oven - The Easy Bake Oven. It ended up that Christmas in delight, I had received it from my godparents. Thrilling to be able to create your very own baked goods without having to ask mom and dad to use their big (and way more dangerous) stove! Back then I remember the treats were a little more limited down to cookies and cakes than today's options.

Easy Bake Oven has evolved over the years from its classic beige and black, old style 1980's microwave look to it's new pretty-in-pink new aged Easy Bake Ultimate oven. You can not only bake cakes and cookies but also pizza, pretzels and many more yummy treats!

About Easy Bake Ultimate Oven:

Bake up fun in the new Easy Bake Ultimate Oven! Unlike it's old counterpart the new Easy Bake Ultimate Oven doesn't need light bulbs to create yummy treats anymore!

Use the included mixes to make cakes and cookies, decorated how ever you want! Each recipe has a specific way to make it so just follow the instructions that come with Easy Bake Oven to find out how long to bake them for!

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven comes with baking pan, cupcake pan, pan pusher, chocolate chip cookie mix, red velvet cake mix, pink frosting mix, rainbows sugar crystals, paper cupcake wraps, and the instructions/recipe booklet.

If what it comes with isn't enough for your little baker, you can always pick up some extra baking supplies and tools for the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven!

As with any electronic toy this one is rated ages 8+ with adult supervision required. Don't forget to store this item out of reach of younger children, as you would any other electronic item.

You can find Easy Bake Ultimate Oven at most local toy retailers like Walmart for $49.99 or less.

I love the new design, it's bigger than the old model. It's too bad they don't make a unisex coloured one though - boys like to bake too.

In my overall opinion, Easy Bake Oven has always been a great way to teach a little bit about baking; following instructions, mixing, timing, patience waiting and using imagination when it comes to decorating etc. The kids are proud knowing the made the goodies all "by themselves" in their own oven.

For older kids like the tween-aged, Easy Bake Oven can be a fun way for the girls to make an evening snack during a sleep over or birthday party gathering fun! Make whatever your heart desires with Easy Bake Oven!

Right now my daughter is only seven so something like this calls for some quality mom/daughter time, even more special having the goodies we share baked in her own oven.

A great gift to think about for the little baker in your family this holiday season, who wouldn't want to make Christmas goodies of their own? ;-)

For more information about Easy Bake, accessories and to see the official Easy Bake Ultimate Oven commercial click here!


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Hasbro Easy Bake Oven. We received a complimentary Easy Bake Oven. All opinions are honest and our own*


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