According to a recent survey commissioned by Black's, every year over 44% of Canadians take 250 pictures and more. Every event from special occasions like weddings, baptisms, birthdays, holidays and even the every day are easily captured on digital devices like cameras, camcorders and mobile phones. Over time photos can accumulate, get lost, damaged and worse - forgotten. Storing photos on a hard drive or shoe box is a quick way to keep them safe but how often do you sit around and actually look at them, reminiscing about the good old days.

We have thousands of digital pictures archived on our family computer and I have been wanting to do something with them for a while now. We have so many that sometimes when I look back through them I forget about certain photos we have taken of the kids or special times over the years.

Printing digital pictures and organizing them into photo albums is time consuming and can get frustrating with so many photos to go through. I honestly don't know very many people who actually keep physical photo albums anymore. Everything has gone digital and it's kind of sad. Sad when you realize you don't have too many family photos around your home because they are all stored on the family computer. How many times do you sit around your computer reminiscing about the good old times through photos on the screen? I can count on three fingers how many times we've done that.

Black's has a great way to organize all your favourite family photos with Black's PhotoBooks. Choose from a variety of themes - classic to premium. Sample covers and spreads will help you determine which kind is right for you.

Black's Photobooks are bound with premium stock paper, built to make your memories last longer. Choose from a wrapped hard or soft cover or indulge in a premium linen/faux leather covered book (the linen/faux leather covers cost a little more though). You can create your book as long or short as you like, from 26 to 154 pages, landscape or portrait available in various sizes.

There are two options when designing a Black's Photobook, you can customize your layout, captions and choose your best photos on your own or have Black's do it for you with the Photobook Design Service.

We were asked to take a look at Black's Photobook Design Service, to see for ourselves how easy it is to have a custom Photobook of our family memories made for us.

After signing up and five easy steps we created a family memory photo book through Black's PhotoBook Design Service. We chose Classic Modern style with pictures only, Classic 8"x11" image wrap soft cover, 26 pages and let Black's PhotoBook Design specialists do the rest. 

It took a little while for all the images to upload and in fact I was short by a few because of the size, some of the older pictures were too small. I had extra uploading to do. The proof took about 3 days to arrive in my email inbox, I'm picky and asked a couple of things be changed (nothing major I just didn't want the cover picture to be a duplicate of one inside and I added some text), otherwise the proof looked good!

I waited two more days and saw the next proof. The PhotoBook Designers did exactly what I wanted them to do. They had removed images I wanted removed and added text I wanted added. I was happy with the overall result of the final proof.

After the last proof it was time to order our book. I was a little disappointed to see that the PhotoBook Design service is an extra cost on top of the book itself. PhotoBook prices vary according to what you want. You have the option of picking the book up at your local Black's store or you can have it shipped for a fee.  Since my local Black's store is only a short walk away I will pick it up when it is ready. I will post an update when we get it to let you know more about the quality of the book that was made for us!

It does take a while to get everything organized and the Photobooks can be a little pricey but they are keepsakes and you don't have to do anything except upload your favourite pictures and maybe suggest changes to your final product. Overall Black's does photography once again with their PhotoBook Design Service this holiday season.

For more information about Black's PhotoBook Design Service, prices and other great photo gifts visit www.Blacks.ca


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Black's PhotoBook Design Service. We received a Black's Gift Card to facilitate the review of the PhotoBook Design Service. No monetary compensation was gained. All opinions are honest and those of A Motherhood Experience*


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