We bought a faux leather couch and love seat set about five or six years ago, when K was much younger and we had just got our puppy Zeus. We bought the couch and love seat set before the dog and somehow he managed to take habit of sleeping on them. I know, I know we shouldn't have let him to begin with but you know puppies are "so cute".

Over the years Zeus has grown from an adorable puppy to a huge beast. He weighs over 100lbs so imagine the power of that jumping on and off the couches multiple times a day.

Cue the children who use the livingroom every day and not only sit or lay down on the couch but pull, jump and smear things on the couch. Even after being told not to ten thousand times.

No, Dh and I didn't sit very often on the couch or loveseat - We watch tv at night when the kids are in bed, on the tv in our bedroom most of the time.

Trust me we tried everything from verbally telling the dog to get off the couch, which he did until ours backs were turned, to physically trying to barricade the couches which lead to him knocking it over & ending up on the couch anyway!

The love seat was the first to go, it ripped on both arms from him laying on the back of the couch to look out the window where we used to live.

We managed to salvage that one and now have it recycled in our basement to lounge when we are down here. Of course now that it's down there he won't lay on it, go figure!

After years of abuse the poor couch saw it's day. It had many major rips in the seats and was so flattened out it wasnt comfy anymore. I kept placing a brown throw blanket over the rips which made Zeus think I was making him a bed!

One day this week our little guy decided he wanted to be mischievous. He pulled the stuffing out of the couch rips and yelled "SNOW!" while throwing it around the livingroom.

Needless to say we decided it was time to say good bye to Zeus' bed/the kids trampoline and we threw it to the curb on garbage day. There's no way it could fit in the basement and honestly it wasn't worth trying to save. I wouldn't have given it to anyone either, ew!

Zeus was not impressed, he had a concerned look on his face when we left with the couch and whined as he saw it being demolished into the back of the garbage truck.

Our livingroom looked weird, maybe you saw my tweet about that. I didn't like it but Dh had an idea and moved his Sens lounger from the office-dining area into the livingroom. We moved the love seat where the old couch was. Now the room seems bigger but cozy in that seating corner.

Dh spent Thursday afternoon painting the livingroom too. Its amazing what a difference a new colour makes. We had this dark coal blue colour. It was originally supposed to be grey but anyway I didn't like it very much. I'm happy with the beige he chose this time. It makes the room brighter and feel more welcoming I find.

It's too bad but Zeus is not allowed on the current love seat in the livingroom because it is a real leather one we bought when we moved into this house.

It's still fluffy and comfy and I want to keep it that way as long as we can! Maybe Zeus needs his own new bed for the livingroom now - maybe Santa can bring him one.

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