We started our holiday decorating this week - first up, the Christmas tree! This Christmas we are taking an Eco-Friendly approach to the holidays by putting up the Massimo Christmas tree by Cascades that we posted about a couple of weeks ago.

It was the easiest and most stress free tree we've ever put up before and it looks great! The tree is bigger and sturdier than what it looks in images, from afar you can't tell that the entire thing is made of recyclable cardboard. The lights are bright and twinkley, it just needs a tree skirt and presents to give that finishing Christmas touch ;-)

We still have a little decorating to do like garlands, our favourite ornaments and holiday nick nacks. Laugh if you will but I have this Santa bobble head ornament I place on the entertainment unit every year, my mom bought him for me about ten years ago and I thought he was just hilarious. Still makes me laugh every time I see the thing.

Christmas decorating always brings back some fond memories. I'll post more decorating pictures as we go :)

What kind of tree are you putting up this year?


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