Christmas is literally just days away and we have been spending much of this last month of 2011 preparing for the big day among many other things keeping us really busy. Decorating is almost complete, I know we should be done by now but we had some other personal things to deal with that sucked a lot out of me. I couldn't focus on Christmas stuff until it was over and that it is. Don't worry, everything is alright and we are looking forward to a Merry Christmas here at our house.

I keep saying almost all of the gifts are bought. No matter how early I try to begin my holiday gift shopping I am constantly buying things until the last minute be it for one of the kids, dh or a family member I may have over looked on the gift list. This time it's dh's nephew, his brother in law and my mom. We didn't over look anybody but we have the same problem every year for the same people but mostly my mom, she buys what she wants when she wants and I have no idea what she has or doesn't have, would like or wouldn't like. I hate asking specific gifts and people knowing what they get, whats the point in that. I have a slight idea of what I could get her, I won't post it here though as I never know when she could be reading this. (Hi Mom!). Other than that, not to toot my own horn or anything but I think the family are going to be pretty happy with the gifts we are giving this year.

Our version of "Elf on the shelf"
Now, I can't wait for this Christmas. The past couple of years everyone has not seemed to be in the spirit of things. Yes, celebrations were had either way but you could tell there was something missing. Maybe it was lacking the spirit of Christmas or maybe it was the fact we were missing certain people under the roof to celebrate with us. This year feels different.

We are hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house this year with all of the family except maybe two relatives who can't make it. For dinner we are having a family pot-luck. Instead of putting the entire task on us to prepare everything ourselves, my partners family agreed it would be a good idea if everybody bring something. I am focusing on deserts which I already have planned out thanks to @KraftCanada and DesertCentre.ca. I'll be sharing those yummy recipes with you a little later on in the next couple of weeks!

Christmas day has been a tradition since dh and I first celebrated our first Christmas together back in 2003. We stay home on Christmas day, celebrating with our own little family and those who wish to make a Christmas visit are more than welcome. Coffee is always on at our house. My dad was originally only going to come on Christmas Day but we convinced him to come and join us all on Christmas Eve dinner. It's nice because it's the first Christmas my real dad is with us in three years.

I won't be making a big meal on Christmas day because guaranteed we will have left overs from the night before. The company will be great, the food will be great - I'm so excited to finally be back into the spirit of the holiday season!

I don't know if I'm more excited to have Christmas eve dinner or see the kids smiles on Christmas morning when they finally open those gifts we've had hidden away, some for months! I mean, those gifts Santa has had his elves make and hide...for months.

What ever your plans this holiday season I wish everyone the happiest of them all.


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