Every year we have a lot of celebrating to do. Between my hubby's family and mine, it makes for a minimum of a weekend worth of celebrating or as I call it "Three Days of Christmas".

Oh Christmas Tree 2011

We kicked off our celebrations on Christmas Eve, hubby's family which consists of his parents, sister, brother in law, two nieces and nephew came over to our house. This year, since we were hosting and most of the family would be there, we invited my father to join us. This was the first Christmas we spent together under the same roof in years and it felt good. It felt good to have everyone happy and healthy, celebrating another awesome Christmas together.

K in her Christmas dress. She looks SO grown up, she borrowed my earrings ;)

The party is what you make it, we had plenty of fun with Karaoke, the kids were singing Christmas carols although hubby's family speak french and my kids speak English so there was a little bit of a language gap when it came to the singing but I told K just to sing in English, the melody is all the same plus she had her aunt helping her out with the words, it was fun!

K giving thumbs up with her two cousins and uncle :)
We had a huge buffet style dinner, everybody brought something to the table from appetizers to dinner to desserts. It was nice and my fridge has enough left overs to celebrate three more days of Christmas or more. Everyone enjoyed the goodies I worked hard all week making too!

After dinner hubby's sister prepared everyone a Spanish Coffee or "Cafe Espanol" - mmm the whipped cream! They were amazing!

We even had a visit from "Santa" in our living room before the gift exchange. Our 14 year old nephew thought it would be fun to dress up for K and D (the two youngest of the five kids there). Of course K knew it was her older cousin and just played along, D wasn't sure and kept wanting to rip the beard off his face. The beard was covering his whole face and his English is not the best so us grown-ups got a good kick out of it. He's such a good sport to come up with that for the younger kids.

After Santa's quick visit we exchanged gifts, those gifts that literally took me hours and a few nights to wrap. I'm so happy everybody enjoyed what we gifted them with and we enjoyed ours as well. Toys for the kids that they had asked for, an NHL sweater, a bottle of vodka and Timmy's cards for hubby and I myself, was spoiled. I pretty much got my wish list.

Aside from the chocolates, STLTO wine and holiday cookies, it was a huge surprise when my father went all out this year and got me a gift I wasn't expecting. He bought me a Toshiba Tablet! I almost started to cry. Not because of the tablet itself (although I have been drooling over them since ShesConnected) but that my dad thought of me. He knew it would be something I appreciate.

Christmas morning ended up being a late one, the kids were so exhausted they didn't wake us up until close to 9:30am which is really good considering well, it was Christmas morning and there was a tree full of gifts waiting to be opened!

I remember waking up at the crack of dawn to run down stairs and see what the big guy brought, tired or not. Either way, the kids were overjoyed with what Santa brought them, Christmas eve was just a tease as the gifts they asked for were waiting for them in Santa's sleigh.

With festive music playing, it only took us about an hour to get through everything. I find D is still a little young and becomes overwhelmed with too many toys at once, we did good this year as he seemed to be okay other than a little tired.

The day was spent lounging around checking out the gifts and trying to keep the house clean for our final day of visits on boxing day when grandma was coming to visit.

K and My mom

We didn't go all out for our last of three days of Christmas. We exchanged gifts once again and made a simple meal of sandwiches and left over salads from Christmas. It was nice, quiet and relaxed. Something all of us needed after the rush.

The only part I hate about the holidays is saying goodbye to the ones you don't get to see often because when you are together celebrating it feels like home again, to me anyway.

All that commotion, panic and stress for three days of Christmas but it was worth it. Every minute spent was a memory made, I'm happy we truly had a Merry Christmas.

Note: Most of my pictures came out really dark or I was way too busy hosting to take any but if anybody else who was there sends me theirs I will definitely share!


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience. Not a paid post. All opinions are honest and those of AME. Happy Holidays.*


  1. Sounds like you had an AMAZING christmas!!! We also spread out the christmas celebrations, that way to get to have a good visit with everyone and not be so rushed

  2. ooohhh stlto wine and toshiba tablets, now that's a flash back, it was a sccto christmas! lol you have a beautiful family, sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!

  3. Great pictures! I'm glad you had such a nice holiday.

  4. That's so nice! Great way to spend the holidays

  5. That is such a wonderful way to spend Christmas! Looks like Santa was great to everyone! We need to get our playdate figured out. A new years one :)

  6. Looks like everyone made wonderful memories!

  7. Yes, I agree. Seems like a beautiful and enjoyable days of christmas. Exchanging gift part is awesome. It can be more special when partner with lovely Christmas messages wishes for family and friends. Cheers and happy holidays!


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