Sometimes smaller children require smaller bites when it comes to food, picky eaters may need something imaginative in their lunch boxes. Using a knife or cookie cutters is fun but can take up time you could be using for something else and in all honesty who has the patience to cut up food into shapes one by one? I know I don't! 

Make food fun with PTPA award winning FunBites! Fun shaped food cutters that make it simple to create fun lunches and snacks for your little ones out of ordinary food!

Created by a couple with a picky eater who needed an idea to make mealtime fun for their little ones, FunBites is a new and simple way to cut food into bite sized shapes for your little ones to enjoy. You can try it on just about any food from fruit slices to sandwiches, meat and veggies. Get creative with different shapes and different foods, maybe that picky eater won't seem so picky after all.

The kids got a kick out of trying the "Luv it" shapes FunBites. Although, I tried it out on sandwiches I find this particular shape best for fruit and things like that! The "cube it" FunBites is great for sandwiches though because it cuts into evenly shaped squares. Overall FunBites are a neat idea to help get that picky eater to eat or to just have fun with food once in a while! 

FunBites are made of BPA free plastic and is dishwasher safe. You can purchase FunBites online at www.funbites.com in both "cube it" and "luv it" shapes. Follow @FunBites on Twitter and Like FunBites on Facebook!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of funbites. We received sample for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


We find ourselves wrapped up among the material items that are the holiday season. The tree, the lights, the decorations and the presents. The celebrating, the eating and the enjoying the finer times in life. Many of us sometimes forget the true meaning of Christmas, generosity. Giving because you want to, not because you feel obligated that it's a holiday, better yet, giving when it's least expected but needed most. Generosity without expectation lingering at the bottom of that unwrapped gift.

Christmas Eve I learned of this generosity, the kind you aren't expecting and the kind that brings tears to your eyes. I learned it from angels who I will never forget and always thank in my heart. 

As you may or may not know, we spent Christmas Eve in the NICU with our new baby. She had jaundice and couldn't be with us at home for the holidays. This broke our hearts and it was really difficult especially being it Christmas. 

We had just gotten settled into the NICU, baby under the bili-lights. I sat looking at her, exhausted, overwhelmed and living off hope at the time. As I sat there I noticed a group of people coming into the NICU. I found it odd as the group included several kids and it wasn't visiting time at the NICU. Each kid carried a gift bag, I was so tired I assumed they were just visiting for Christmas and the bags were for whoever they were visiting. When one of the boys placed a bag beside Baby M's unit I looked around and it clued in. They were dropping off a gift bag to each baby in the NICU and each nurses station. Silently and anonymously, they did not say a word and went about their way with a Merry Christmas. 

Unexpected generosity in a place and time needed most. Baby M and I happened to be there just at the moment this was happening. I took it as a sign that within the bad there is always that glimpse of good, you just have to find it. 

The gift contained things from Tim Horton's gift cards to scratch tickets, baby bottles, chocolates among other things, topped off with a big teddy bear for Baby M. Inside the bag was also a Christmas card and letter explaining what the gift is. A family experienced having a baby in the NICU during a special time like the holidays, they chose things that they thought would put smiles on families faces who were going through the same thing around the holidays. It's heart breaking to have to leave your baby in the NICU let alone on Christmas but for their health we have to do it with all our bravery, this little token helped me not feel so alone. 

This is the biggest random act of kindness I have seen in a long time and I would like to say Thank you. Thank you to the D/L family, whoever you are. You brightened and warmed the hearts of us all that day. It's not about the gift, it's about the heart and soul behind it. God Bless you for your generous hearts. 


Disclosure: Person post by AME. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 


There are so many different things we enjoy about the holidays from the decorating to the gifts and of course the food! Did you know over 5.4 million holiday parties are held every year and delicious feasts are served, our stomachs don't always thank us after - especially for people like me and hubby who are proned to indigestion and heart burn. There's nothing worse than ending the holidays with upset stomach, indigestion or heartburn.

This year if we happened to overdo it and enjoy a little too much festivities in our bellies, Pepto-Bismol has our Pepto moments covered!

I have had my share of Pepto-moments. Over induldgence causing serious heart burn. I don't mind the liquid Pepto but hubby can't swallow medicines so its nice to have the chewable tablet option. Remember to always consult your doctor if you are unsure. 

For more information about Pepto-Bismol products please visit www.pepto-bismol.com. You can also follow @Pepto on Twitter and Like Pepto-Bismol on Facebook for updates in your favourite social media news streams! 

Win it! Eat, drink and be covered with Pepto-Bismol!

To help with your post-holiday problems, Pepto-Bismol wants to treat TEN (10) lucky AME readers to a special Pepto-Bismol prize pack ($15 value) which includes PINK Pepto-Bismol oven mitts, a pink spatula and $3 off Pepto product coupon! 

Please fill out the RaffleCopter ballot below to be entered for your chance to win! Giveaway open to Canadian residents only, information will not be used other than for contacting and prize shipment to the winner as per our policy. Prize provided by P&G. Giveaway ends January 3rd 2013


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Saturday, December 22nd at 2:52AM we gave a warm (early) welcome to our newest addition to the family, Baby M! She came to us right before Christmas, a tiny gift weighing 5 lbs 8oz. The sweetest bundle of joy, I fell instantly in love with her. 

My mother was there for the birth along with my hubby for support. I needed it as her birth was quite painful but quite fast - she really wanted to come out and meet everyone! 

We ended up getting the OK to go home on the 23rd provided we come back on Christmas Eve for a follow-up and tests etc. So, the morning of the 24th I gathered up Baby M and took her to the hospital. We waited an hour after the tests for results and then it happened. 

Baby M had to be admitted to the NICU for Jaundice as her bilirubin levels were quite high. They had hoped it would only take six hours under the bili-lights and another test so she could be home for Christmas morning but this wasn't the case. 

Our Baby M stayed the night Christmas Eve at the NICU and Christmas day was spent on pins and needles waiting for phone calls - good or bad. During the gift opening at home with the older two kids we got both bad and good news. Her jaundice was clear but another problem arose - she couldn't hold any formula down which was causing a concern to the nurses and doctor. 

With her blood test clear the hospital called me to get some insight about my previous preemie  our son, who had re-flux  Re-flux did not allow him to properly digest food and we had to sleep him elevated and burp frequently with feedings to avoid him spitting up his meal. Around 6 pm that evening the hospital called with good news, our Baby M was ready to come home, she was diagnosed with re-flux and changing her sleep position is what helped. 

My mom was again right there to help bring me back to the hospital but this time to bring our Baby M home! I went from being in a somber mood to being overjoyed within a matter of seconds from that fateful phone call. There is no feeling worse than helplessness when it comes to your children and loved ones being sick. 

My one and only Christmas wish this year was to have my three babies under one roof for Christmas. I got my Christmas wish.

It has been an emotional roller coaster the past five days and the ride is just beginning with this little one as we embark on a new journey as a new family of five. Every day is a new blessing with this baby.

Welcome to the family Baby M, Welcome Home! 

Disclosure: Personal post by AME. All comments, opinions and images are those of the author and are copyrighted. 


Happy Holidays everyone! We wish you all a Merry Christmas, celebrate and laugh but above all LOVE! :) 

One of the best gifts I got this holiday season - the beautiful @SearsCa Portrait studio photo greeting cards! They came out absolutely beautiful! I would have shared earlier but you know, I didn't want to spoil the surprise for those who may be receiving them under the tree this year ;) 

Happy Holidays from our house to yours xox


Little touches around the house during holiday celebrations or anytime hosting can leave a lasting impression. A nice display when you walk into a room is always welcome and we are usually so busy preparing everything else to perfection during this busy time of year that we often forget the most important of rooms for our guests, the bathroom!

Aside from having it sparkle and clean, toilet paper roll a plenty, there are other ways you can give your guests (or just your family) the luxury to enjoy the go with Charmin

Impress guests this year, step up a notch and Charminize your washroom! Guests will enjoy a little piece of luxury in a space that's welcoming and relaxing while they visit your home. After all, the bathroom can be a solitary place to take a breather too. 

Stock up on Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper and Charmin Freshmates to ensure your guests can freshen up afterward. You're guests can finish off washing their hands and drying them with fresh smelling, soft towels washed with Downy Unstoppables which keep hand towels fresh smelling until its time to wash again (I recommend using the Lush fragrance for the towels!). You can't get any more welcome than a fully stocked washroom!

Planning on traveling this holiday season? Know which washrooms to go to and which to avoid by downloading the free Charmin SitOrSquat app (for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad)! Users can search, view, rate (via Facebook) and add their own favourite or not so favourite public restrooms to help you, your family and others enjoy the go, on the go. There are currently over 100,000 bathrooms from across North America rated with SitOrSquat.

For the website version you can visit www.sitorsquat.com. For more bathroom fun, "like" Charmin on Facebook and also follow on Twitter @Charmin using hashtag #Tweetfromtheseat

Please visit Charmin.com for more information about Charmin products!

toilet not included ;) 

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation with the P&GMom program. Product was provided for review purposes and prize provided by P&G. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author.


The time is drawing closer for our baby girls arrival into this world. We feel under-prepared and a little overwhelmed but beyond thrilled the day is coming sooner  than we know it! We are ready to meet this little one who has been poking, kicking and stretching into my internal organs for the past 8 months. 36 weeks this week, not much longer to go considering I had experienced false labour contractions last week. 

The false labour contractions lasted for one evening, on and off in riffs until they finally subsided to dull pressure by the next day. My water didn't break, there was no bleeding or anything like that so there was no real concern to run to the emergency room, yet. Baby girl is definitely preparing herself (and my belly) for her arrival. Let's hope we can keep her in until after Christmas at least! 

Not long before the false labour contractions I had actually been talking to hubby about packing my hospital bag in preparation for the big day. Having given birth twice before, you honestly  never know no matter how much you think you have it all planned out. Even though I was experiencing the contractions I went about my house gathering the things I would need, just in case. 

I kind of think I packed a lot of stuff. I don't remember exactly what was brought last time, I actually think hubby ended up packing for me and that's one thing you don't want to do is leave the stress of having to search for your stuff and baby stuff  to an already frantic daddy to be while you are having or right after you have the baby. You honestly don't really need THAT much stuff, just the basic clothes, toiletries and the likes. Here's a list of what I'm bringing, so far: 

  • Change of comfy clothes including extra tops, socks, underwear and something to wear home.
  • A house robe and slippers to wear at the hospital, it gets cold and I also find it helps having something cozy and comforting from home while at the hospital.
  • Personal toiletries - toothbrush/paste, sanitary pads, nursing pads for the obvious reasons. The hospitals don't always provide them or many of them so it's good to have back up just in case.
  • Clothes for baby to come home in including a fleece outerwear suit and soft new baby blanket. I brought a couple of sizes for clothes, you never know! What I picked could change though, I can be indecisive these days! ;-)
  • Newborn diapers, non-scented wipes, pacifier (we didn't need one for either of our other kids at first but they are so CUTE!). I know most hospitals provide these things but as you can tell I always like to come prepared!
  • iPhone and charger - I don't know if I will be able to use it beyond phone calls and texts but I'll bring it anyways.
  • Fully charged camera with empty memory card to capture all of our first moments :)
  • List of important calls to make
  • The baby car seat
  • Extra set of clothes and toiletries for hubby.
I think that just about sums up what I will be needing, see anything I'm missing or maybe bringing for no reason? Ha- I'm a little nervous can you tell! 

Now that I'm all packed up and ready (I think.) we can sit back and wait for our little bundle of baby to make her presence in the world! 

Disclosure: A personal post written and published by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


The holidays are about more than just gifts under the tree and decorations around the house, they are also about the tasty treats you enjoy! Desserts are one of my favourite parts of the holidays season, both eating them *ahem* and making them!

Being not much of a major cook in the kitchen, I'm happy that Kraft Canada has some simple dessert recipes to share with our family and friends this holiday season. What's more, not only are these recipes easy to create with little ingredients, they also make great edible gifts for those like me who are starting to run out of ideas on what to give to friends and family this year for Christmas.

Kraft Canada sent along a fantastic gift basket filled with all kinds of goodies to get us started on creating our very own holiday #DessertMoments, making edible gifts from the heart to share with our family at Christmas this year.

We chose three yummy desserts to create and gift to our friends, Kraft Canada offered to have a photographer come in and take photos of our creations but due to the busy time of year I did my own photography this time ;-) 

Peanut Butter Snowballs 

Not for everyone, but delicious for people who can eat Peanut butter, these are simple to make and quite enjoyable. All you need is Kraft Peanut butter, butter, icing sugar, graham crumbs and semi-sweet chocolate squares. Follow this easy recipe and gift in a festive food container! I have some in the freezer waiting for guests to take home with them, that is if hubby can keep his hands off them! 

Two-Layer Cookie Crunch Fudge

This is probably my favourite out of the three, a delicious fudge recipe using Mr. Christie's Chips ahoy cookies! All you need is Bakers Cocoa dark chocolate, Bakers White chocolate, condensed milk, vanilla extract and three Chips Ahoy! cookies chopped up! Follow this simple recipe and in a couple of hours *letting the fudge set is the only thing that takes long!* you'll be able to cut and wrap up some yummy Two-Layer Cookie Crunch Fudge to gift someone or perhaps e=indulge and enjoy some with your own family!

Salted Chocolate Covered Caramels

One of hubby's favourite holiday treats and the simplest recipe ever - these Salted Chocolate Caramels make excellent edible desserts at the Christmas buffet table and as edible parting gifts. All you need is Kraft Caramels, Bakers semi-sweet chocolate and sea salt! You can find the recipe here, but seriously they are as simple as unwrapping the caramels, melting the chocolate, coating the caramels and adding a dash of sea salt to the tops of each chocolate. I let them set in the freezer and then divided the batch up for giving and eating. Hey, the baker always has to try her goods , no?

Christmas treats can be both yummy and simple to make thanks to Kraft Canada! Share your dessert creations online on Twitter using hashtag #DessertMoments, give others inspiration and maybe find some of your own!

Thanks once again to Kraft Canada for providing us with these delectable holiday goodies and recipe ideas! You can find these and other greta holiday recipes at www.KraftCanada.com! Follow @KraftCanada on Twitter and Like the Kraft Canada Facebook page for current updates about Kraft Canada! 

Disclosure: I was invited to participate in the Kraft Canada #DessertsMoments holiday program 2012. Kraft Canada provided our family with holiday food goodies to create dessert moments recipes with. 


With a heavy heart I bring bad news. 

Monday morning we lost a member of our family, a companion and our best friend - our beloved King fawn Doberman Pinscher Zeus passed away after losing a short battle with pneumonia over the weekend.

He leaves behind a loving family, including two smaller dogs - his two best pals who miss him terribly. Every memory comes flooding back this week, it has not been easy on our family.

I would like to take this time to say Good Bye to our old friend, we will miss you and we promise we will NEVER forget you. Always that special place in our hearts just for our "Zeusy Boy" xoxox


Xox July 2006 - December 2012 xox


We created some holiday goodies last week with Kellogg's Rice Krispies! The traditional wholesome rice cereal, marshmallows and imagination is all it took to make some delicious holiday treats to enjoy!

With the help of our holiday decorating kit from Kellogg's, we made basic Rice Krispie's squares dazzle in the shapes of Christmas Trees and Presents! 

One could be way more adventurous and take on the Rice Krispie's Ornament recipe, they make beautiful (and edible) decorations or gift add ons for friends and family this holiday season! 

Not my creation - I wish! Nice!
The recipe is as simple as making any other Rice Krispie treats but with a little more pizzazz and time to make them!  You can find it here and also a step by step video here to get you started!  

The fun thing about using Kellogg's Rice Krispie's to make yummy treats with is that they are simple enough to make with the kids, you can decorate with just about anything you like for any occasion and also everyone loves Rice Krispie Squares so they never go to waste! You can also buy the colourful holiday Rice Krispies, perfect for making edible Christmas ornaments and other goodies! 

Visit www.Kelloggs.ca for more info and inspiration!

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation with the Canadian Kellogger's Network. We receive complimentary product however we are not obligated to post and do so on our own will. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


Holiday food, what joy it is to sit around the table with family and friends enjoying good company and good eats! Have picky eaters coming to your table? We all want everyone to enjoy their meal at our house when they are invited for the holidays and it can be tricky to please everyone with a menu that is both enjoyable for all and also affordable for your wallet!

Metro's Irresistibles offers an array of easy holiday meal planning solutions to fit everyones enjoyment and your budget.

Irresistibles appetizers we recommend: Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chicken/Pork Satay, and Fresh Smoked Atlantic Salmon paired with Sun dried tomato mini crisps crackers. All simple to prepare and enjoyable for everyone.

Irresistibles desserts we recommend: European Biscuits (assortment of 10 types of delectable cookies in a festive tin, chocolate lovers will definitely enjoy!), Dark fruitcake, Dark chocolate covered caramels with sea salt.

From traditional to more exotic foods, there are so many choices you can find what you're looking for at your local Metro grocery store!

Along with a great menu selection, Metro has 10 great tips to make your dinner entertaining less stressful and more enjoyable!

1) Creative serving - Instead of regular nut bowls, try a more eye catching and hygienic presentation by serving snacks like nuts and dried fruit in clear-glass, narrow necked decanters! Guests can pour their desired amount themselves plus it looks great, too!

2) Stagger Serving times - Too much at once can be overwhelming leading to quickly full bellies and early nights. That doesn't leave too much time to actually visit and socialize. Keep the food coming with tasty hors d'oeuvres all night long.

3) Impress with a signature cocktail or mocktail - Channel your inner mixologist and offer up a unique cocktail or mocktail for guests! Make sure to also have other beverages like sparkling water, coffee and tea available too!

4) Prep in advance - Avoid last minute run around and prepare things like fruit, cheese, cheese and crackers and meatballs etc can be put together a day or two in advance. This always helps ease the stress that comes with the holiday season.

5) Presentation is everything - When preparing hors d'oeuvres platters and food trays have a little fun with it by using winter as your inspiration. Place pine cones and frosted pine needles around your tray display.

6) Fast and fancy - Strapped for time? Use frozen foods to help you out like Metro's private label line Irresistibles that offers up delicious appetizers perfect for holiday parties. Selection and creativity, covered.

7) Tidy as you go - Nobody likes being stuck cleaning until the wee hours after a get together or worse waking up to a mess. Tidy bit by bit throughout the party, you'll thank yourself the next day!

8) Set the ambiance - As we mentioned previously, candle displays are a must at gatherings. They set a relaxing and welcoming mood for everyone especially scented ones fit for the season.

9) Provide plenty of options - Be sure to have an assortment of appetizer options available to guests to keep everyone full and happy!

10) Enjoy yourself - above all, enjoy your get together - that's what the holiday season is all about!

Happy hosting!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Metro. We received complimentary product for feature purposes. All opinions on this blog are those of the author.


Hearing baby's heart beat is one of the most amazing sounds you'll ever hear as a parent-to-be. A quick, thumping rhythm lets you know this little life is very much alive and thriving inside you. It brings joy to know your little one is doing well, one beat at a time.

When I saw Fetal Beats on Twitter I had to check them out! I was intrigued with this device, how great would it be to have the ones closest to us but live so far away experience hearing the baby's heart beat too! I was happy when they agreed for us to review one for ourselves! 

Fetal Beats Baby Heart Monitor allows you to easily listen in on your baby's growing heart beat anytime from the comfort of your own home. No more waiting until the next doctors appointment to hear the sound of your baby-to-be. My doctor's Doppler was actually broken the first time we thought we would be able to hear and she had to use her stethoscope. Although I have been fortunate enough to hear the baby's heart beat this pregnancy, I love having the opportunity to share it with the kids, my hubby, family and close friends with Fetal Beats!

FetalBeats comes with everything you need to get started including:

  • FetalBeats heart monitor (Doppler, similar to that of what the doctors use but lower and safer frequency)
  • Mini speaker (to listen to your baby's heart beat)
  • Connecting wires (to connect Doppler to speaker and to earphones, computer or iPhone/iPad/Android)
  • Ultrasound Jelly
  • Pink storage bag (to put everything in when not in use)
  • Instructions (crucial to setting it up properly)
Listening to the baby's heart beat at home couldn't be easier. After making sure the Fetal Beats monitor is plugged in and set up properly simply apply a little jelly to the Doppler and your belly, move the Doppler across your baby bump until you hear the heart beat! 

Have an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device? There's a free Fetal Beats app created specifically to record your baby's heart beat using the Fetal Beats monitor! Download the app, customize it to your pregnancy, plug your device into the Fetal Beats monitor using the provided connecting wires and tap the screen to go! You can then share the recording via Facebook or via email for your loved ones to hear too! 

Fetal Beats app records your baby's heart beat and sends it via email or you can share on Facebook in .MOV format, so if you save it on a computer you can easily play it back with any media player. 

Fetal Beats is recommended best for women 20 weeks pregnant or more, being 34 weeks along we heard our baby within seconds. It started off faint, as if we were close but not right on and then there it was! Crystal clear and thumping as a baby heart beat should. Unfortunately, one of us hadn't tapped "record" or tapped "stop" too soon and didn't record the moment so we had to do it again a second time. I didn't mind so much, it gave us a longer listen! 

The only thing I would really change about this is the wires. It's difficult to hold the iPhone, speaker, Doppler and try to search for the beat all at once. You need a second set of hands to help out, lucky for me hubby was here to review this with me. Other than the wires, the device is very easy to set up and use. The app is simple and user-friendly, although we did have some trouble getting a good recording at first. Definitely recommend this as a holiday gift for parents to be. 

Right now on the Fetal Beats blog you can enter to win your own Fetal Beats Baby Heart Monitor for yourself (or someone you love who is expecting)! Submit how you announced your pregnancy for your chance to win! See the Fetal Beats Blog for full details and contest rules! You can order Fetal Beats through their website or through the app, they also accept PayPal! 

Talk pregnancy and baby with @FetalBeats on Twitter and Like the Fetal Beats Facebook page for the latest updates! 

Fetal Beats is not a replacement for medical care if needed during your pregnancy. Make sure to see your dr, midwife or other medical care professional throughout your pregnancy and have a happy nine months! 

Disclosure:  Posted by AME on behalf of Fetal Beats. We received complimentary product for review purposes, non compensated otherwise. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


I enjoy hosting during the holidays, despite our smaller living space it's still enjoyable to get together with family and friends. I am also one of those people who's house has to look perfect when hosting for a special occasional like Christmas, even if whoever is coming has seen my place in its worst state ever. I still want it presentable and clean.

It's so easy to become overwhelmed by the holidays plus adding holiday social gatherings onto the list but planning and preparing are the keys to any successful gathering according to Colin Cowie, lifestyle expert and party planner (he's worked with celebrities like Oprah and Kim Kardashian). Colin knows how to throw a fantastic party to impress and ensure a good time for all your guests and you. 

In addition to fabulous decor and yummy foods, Colin relies on the same trusted P&G products such as Febreze, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Dawn and Cascade as we do to make sure the event area is clean and ready to impress. From the bathroom to the kitchen, Colin believes that the P&G line of home care products are essential parts of planning the perfect party. 

Here are five great tips from Colin to help ease your holiday hosting this year:

1) Start with a colour theme. Red and gold or white and silver are both perfect for holiday parties. You can easily incorporate these colours into your holidays from invites to decorations.

2) Good lighting is a must. Candles make excellent for extra lighting, there's no such thing as too many candles. These can be placed on decorative pillars or centrepieces. Febreze scented candles create a relaxing ambiance for guests and can also make great stocking stuffers or parting gifts!

3) Let guests help themselves. Setting up buffet style food stations for guests like turkey carving, finger foods, veggies etc can help ease the stress of making sure everyone is served at once. setting up before guests arrive with extra utensils and napkins also allows everyone to eat at the same time.

4) Always be ready for guests. Have a Swiffer WetJet Extra Power pad with the scrubbing power of Mr. clean magic erasers in the nearest closet; if friends decide to pop by for a holiday surprise you can assure your floors will be shiny and print free. Clean up before they even hit the driveway.

5) Hide the mess. Save spending time with the dishes and preload the dishwasher with Cascade all-in-one ActionPacs and load dishes as used. No dishwasher? No problem, Dawn dish soap gives an over night soak in five minutes which saves a whole lot of time scrubbing or having to leave dirty dishes sit and soak. Less time in the kitchen, more time enjoying your company. 
    I have to agree with Colin, there is nothing worse than not being prepared when it comes to having a gathering, including having a clean house. With three animals and two kids (and one on the way) it's essential for us to make sure our house is in top entertainment mode. This year we have it easy thanks to Colin's tips and great products from P&G!

    You can find great savings on some of your favourite P&G products and sign up for the newsletter online at www.PGEveryday.com, updates via Twitter @PGInsider and on Facebook.com/PGEveryday

    Win it and let P&G help with your holiday hosting! 

    One lucky AME reader has the chance to win the following P&G holiday entertainment kit including:

    - Limited edition febreze candles, noticibles, set and refresh freshener, Limited edition febreze spray and febreze air effects

    - Cascades all-in-one dishwasher Action Pacs and liquid Dawn dish washing detergent

    - Mr.Clean magic eraser select a size, Mr. Clean bath cleaner with febreze 7 days of shine.

    - Swiffer 360 duster kit, Swiffer wet jet with power clean replacement pads (Swiffer wet jet mop not included).

    To enter for your chance to win: Please fill in the Rafflecopter ballot below using a valid email address. Giveaway open to Canadian residents 18 years and older. 

    Giveaway open December 8 to December 19th. 

    Good luck! 

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Disclosure: Posted by AmE in participation as a P&GMom. Products were provided for review purposes. Giveaway prize provided by representatives of mentioned P&G brands. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author and in no way influenced by compensation.


    The next few weeks will be filled with last-minute holiday gift shopping, there's always someone on the list who is the most difficult to buy for and its not only an adult! It's easy when it comes to your own kids, your spouse and close family but what if you are giving to a child who doesn't exactly tell you what they want under the tree, a relative you don't see often or a friend's child maybe? It can be frustrating guessing in the toy isle about what this kid could possibly need or want.  

    Take the guessing out of gifting this holiday season, Playskool.ca has a great tool for all your baby to preschooler gift giving needs with the Playskool Toy Finder! Browse by toy type, brands and characters or best toys for kids that can't sit still, birthdays and more! Since we have our older two kids pretty much covered when it comes to toys this Christmas, we decided to look for something simple for our baby-to-be, who is due to make her debut into this world in January!

    Using the PlaySkool Toy Finder online I searched for appropriate toys for babies aged 0-12 months old. I wanted something simple, something for a young baby to enjoy but not outgrow too quickly. Something new, just for her. 

    It gave me a variety of fun interactive toys but one specific caught my eye. The  PlaySkool Play Favourites Panda GloFriend! Similar to the Glow Worm our older daughter had as a baby, the Panda GloFriend is a snuggly, cuddly friend for babies to enjoy. With a press of the bear, a soothing image appears on her stomach and she plays sweet lullabyes for 10 minutes - helping lull baby back to sleep. Perfect for ages birth and up! PlaySkool Play Favourites Panda GloFriend come in blue and pink! We hope our baby girl enjoys this toy as much as we will enjoy giving it to her! 

    You can find the PlaySkool Play Favourites Panda GloFriend and other great PlaySkool favourites at your local Walmart, Toys R Us and Zellers among other stores! 

    Keep up to date with @PlaySkool on Twitter and talk Toy Finder with hashtag #ThisSkoolRocks!  You can also Like the PlaySkool Facebook page for the latest updates in your news feed!

    Win a holiday gift with PlaySkool!

    We had fun choosing our special toy using the PlaySkool Toy Finder and we wanted to share the fun with you by giving one lucky AME reader the chance to win their very own PlaySkool Play Favourites Panda GloFriend to give to your little one *or someone elses little one* this holiday season!

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    GOOD LUCK and Happy Holiday Shopping!

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    Even though I am constantly busy using my hands for mommy-duty, I always enjoy the occasional DIY manicure. That being said, having a daughter she enjoys joining me on occasion when she sees me take out my box of nail polish and other "fancy" nail accessories (polish remover, nail files, all that fun stuff). I don't mind sharing my nail polish, but she needs something just for her.

    Piggy Paint is made just for kids like my daughter who want to paint their nails and for moms like me who worry about the chemicals in our own nail polish should our daughters decide to bite their nails (or put their fingers in their mouths, etc) like mine does from time to time. Piggy Paint is non-toxic and "as clean as mud", made just for kids and comes in a variety of fun colours to choose from. 

    We chose four funky colours from NailPolishCanada.com - "Sometimes Sweet", "LOL", "Tea Party for two" and "Ice Cream Dream". I thought Sometimes Sweet and Ice Cream Dream were the perfect red and green shades for the Christmas season, both also have a hint of sparkles in them! 

    Ice Cream Dream, LOL, Tea Party for Two and
    Sometimes Sweet pictured above 

    Piggy Paint doesn't have a strong odour, it applies well (even one coat would have done but we did two to see the full colour result). Any kind of nail polish is typically longer lasting with a top coat. Without a top coat, Piggy Paint lasts about 2-3 days before chipping and needing a touch up or removal. It removes easily with any basic nail polish remover solution, we always use nail polish remover pads.

    Even though the cost of Piggy Paint is $10 a bottle, its non-toxic and safe plus it comes in great kid friendly colours that even us moms might be tempted to borrow! It's not every day our little girl gets to wear nail polish but when she does, she now has her own collection started with Piggy Paint! 

    Check out the full line of Piggy Paint nail polish on www.nailpolishcanada.com! Right now get $3 shipping or Free Canadian Shipping on orders over $25! 

    Show some love by following @PiggyPaint on Twitter and liking Piggy Paint on Facebook!

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    Looking for something different to gift the unique one on your gift list this year? RedBubble is a great place to look for great gift ideas for the hard to buy for this Christmas. 

    What is RedBubble? Redbubble.com is an online gallery and marketplace for independent artists to showcase their designs, set a price and sell their work on a range of cool and unique products including iPhone cases, t-shirts, hoodies and poster prints. Redbubble makes it easy for these artists to get their work seen by taking care of the print-work and the shipping to customers across North America. 

    Redbubble products have personality, wit, soul and meaning. They are custom, you can choose from a variety of designs to suit your personality from fun characters to whimsical artwork. There is something for just about everybody on your gift giving list this holiday season. 

    RedBubble offered us a choice of custom items to take a look at (and gift) this holiday season. I had some fun browsing around at items that would be great for people in our family. 

    For our daughter a Monster High T-shirt will have her smiling from ear to ear. The top is made of 100% cotton and has a baby-t fit. The artwork on the T-shirt was created by rairae. The great part is you choose the print and you can select what type of shirt you want, size and colour too. It's really customizable. 

    For my hubby, a Transformers Autobots iPhone case, a simple slide on plastic sleeve with the iconic Transformers logo on the back. The case comes in black and the print is well done. The artwork was done by rams17.

    For little guy I had requested this nice Elmo print t-shirt, in red and in kids size but something happened and I ended up with an adult sized Elmo long sleeve shirt. Hubby thinks it'll be fun for me to wear when our new baby comes. I liked the shirt because it was completely red with Elmo's face in the middle. Really cute for the Sesame Street fan. As cute as it is, I think this one will be gifted this holiday season to cousin Amanda, shes 26 and can still pull off the cutesy cartoon character shirts! Plus her favourite colour is red! 

    I was impressed at the simplicity of RedBubble and the variety of choices available. Since all the artwork is created by independent artists, no two prints will be alike!

    Are you an artist yourself? You can even sign up for free at RedBubble and start showcasing your own artwork in your portfolio! People can order prints on whatever they want and you can make a little money off your art in the process! 

    Check out all the great gift ideas available online at www.redbubble.com! Show some love and like RedBubble on Facebook to for real-time interaction, updates and more! 

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    Already 33 weeks along, our due date is coming up closer than we think. There are still so many things are going through my mind becoming a mom of a new born once again. The changing, the bathing, the feeding rituals. All those things I loved with my first two when they were small babies I am thankful I get to do again with baby girl, baby #3. 

    Feeding time was always my favourite, special time with baby. Watching baby eat and just having the bonding quiet moment no matter how tired, those moments were always worth it.

    Bottle Pets bottle holders are a great new way to enjoy feeding time with baby! These soft, plush animals hold the baby bottle - keeping it insulated hot or cold - not only help baby hold her bottle but also act as a stuffed friend for baby while she enjoys her meal! 

    image via facebook.com/BottlePets

    Bottle Pets are made from 100% plush, are durable and machine washable. Safe for baby and fit most standard bottles including glass baby bottles. It's simple to insert a bottle into your baby's Bottle Pet - Simply open the Velcro at the bottom of the Bottle Pet, slide your bottle in so the nipple comes out and secure through the Bottle Pet's elastic mouth, seal the Velcro at the bottom to secure the bottle in place and there you go! 

    Bottle Pets make feeding time relaxing, comfortable and more fun for both parents and baby with these cute and cuddly animal bottle holders. Bottle Pets are available in six fun animals including Drew the Lady Bug and Bailey the Cow which we are excited to give our baby-to-be!

    Bottle Pets are available for $16.95US (with free shipping) online at www.bottlepets.net. Like Bottle Pets on Facebook and Follow @Bottle_Pets on Twitter for the latest news and updates about Bottle Pets!

    Win a BottlePets Bottle Cover!

    Bottle Pets wants to make feeding time special for your family too! Enter the rafflecopter ballot below for your chance to win one of five Bottle Pets bottle covers! Bottle Pets will be gifted at random due to the amount of winners, it's a holiday surprise for our readers! 

    Giveaway open to Canadian and US residents only. Please use a valid email address when entering. Giveaway ends December 11th, 2012 - 5 winners will be drawn at random using rafflecopter and notified via email. 

    Good Luck!

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