Even though eggs have been a food I have been making on my own since I was a kid, I can never seem to get them right unless I fry them or boil them. That gets boring after a while and I want to know how to make other types of delicious recipes using eggs that are simple and healthy for the whole family, perfect every time.

As you know eggs are not just a breakfast food. We often enjoy a good "Breakfast for dinner" which is, what you would have for breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast etc) for dinner in the evening. To me, as long as its healthy food is food and everyone enjoys it, it's a meal.

When I was asked to take a look at the new Egg Timer app by Egg Farmers of Canada I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn a few new tips for in the kitchen when it comes to one of our favourite, quick healthy foods.

The Egg timer app is free, you can download it from iTunes or for Android. I was happy about that because I was able to download this app onto my iPhone and onto new tablet to try it out!

The Get Cracking Egg Timer is a helpful tool for anyone in the kitchen. It's not only a fool-proof cooking egg timer, but it's also packed with helpful tips, recipes and how-to videos so that you can make perfect eggs every time. Definitely a keeper on my devices, I can always use some guidance no matter what I'm cooking :-) 

The App lets you:
  • Choose how you like your eggs - boiled, poached, scrambled or fried
  • Customize your cooking time based on the size of your eggs and texture you enjoy eating.
  • Explore hundreds of recipes from Egg Farmers of Canada
  • Search recipes by meal type or preparation style
  • Discover plenty of handy tips and advice to help master the art of the perfect egg!

One of my favourite ways to eat eggs is boiled. I actually learned that for boiled eggs your supposed to bring the eggs and water to a boil with a lid on, take it off the element and let it sit for fifteen minutes. I was bringing the water to a boil, letting the eggs boil with no lid and on the element until I figured they were ready! Now, I feel silly but no more guessing thanks to this useful app!

Not only are there egg recipes included in the app but also recipes for different things from breakfast muffins and broccoli pie for lunch to a basic Quiche and even kids meals! I can't wait to try some of these recipes, this app is a definite download for the inexperienced to the experienced with eggs.

Want to see it in action before you download? You can check out a demo video about the app on the facebook page!

For more information about Egg Farmers of Canada please visit www.eggs.ca, Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter!

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*This post was written by AME on behalf of Egg Farmers of Canada. Complimentary gift basket was received as a thank you. All opinions are honest and those of AME.*



  1. omelet with ham, onions, mushrooms, tomato and cheese.

  2. My favourite egg recipe is for scrambled eggs.

  3. my favourite egg recipe is denver omelettes


  4. My fave egg recipe? My aunt's special Frittata!!

  5. I love ham, egg and onion quiche! So yummy and so easy to make!

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  6. My favorite way to serve eggs is scrambled eggs! karasceviour at hotmail dot com

  7. I love a good fried potato ommelette!


    Anne Taylor

  8. Love all kinds of egg dishes... omelets with lots of veggies comes first to mind

  9. I love using eggs to make Cinnamon French Toast.

  10. My favorite egg recipe is an omellete with ham,onion and cheese
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  11. I love to make the Wifesaver, infact I just made it for lunch today! Eggs, ham, cheese, bread, yum!

  12. My favourite egg recipe is eggs benedict!

    weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. My favorite would be egg salad sandwiches
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  14. I like scrambled eggs with peppers and mushrooms!

  15. My favourite egg recipe is quiche made with cheddar and a bit of mozzarella.

  16. My favorite egg recipe is western sandwiches.

    dalleykt at live dot ca

  17. My favorite egg recipe is french toast

  18. I like scrambled eggs with cheese on toast!
    amym_brown @ hotmail.com

  19. Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onion and tomato!

  20. I love an omelet with bacon, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese


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