I've always been one to at least try the latest trends when it comes to social media online. Back in the day I even gave MySpace a chance, even though of course it didn't last very long until something way better came by.

Here we are over ten years later with handfuls of different social media websites to join and be a part of. Places online we can meet friends and share common interests, pictures and videos. Facebook and Twitter both blew up into something they had never imagined and now we have Pinterest.

For weeks I saw people on Twitter and Facebook raving about this Pinterest site. I had no idea what I was getting myself into except that "it's addictive". I signed up when a friend of mine sent me an invite to join up, it's fun from what I have learned my short time being a member.

I'm still not entirely sure how it is supposed to work but you "pin" your interests by community uploaded images. You can share your interests by uploading your own pinterests to your customized boards, repin what your friends have pinned and so on. I have played with it for a couple of weeks now and it's quite fun! 

Here are some fun things I found while surfing around Pinterest lately:

Are you on Pinterest? If you want to see more of my boards please visit my Pinterest Page! Do you want an invite? Let me know in the comments below and come join the fun!

Happy pinning!


*This post was written by AME. Not sponsored or affiliated with Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter except for using them as social media tools. All opinions are honest and those of AME*


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