I love scented candles, they just warm up a room and change the atmosphere. I enjoy lighting candles at night mostly, when the kids are in bed while I relax for the evening, I've never really used a good flame less candle but they would be great for during the day.

Scented candles can also set the mood for a party or gathering too, especially if you get just the right accessory to go with them. We have a few plain candle holders, we are due for something a little different - something new.

PartyLites has a great selection of elegant, scented (and non scented) candles both flame and flame less with gorgeous accessories to accommodate them for any occasion. These are the types of candles hubby and I were just talking about the other night.

Simple and Elegant
Who doesn't love pillar candles

My cousin Stephanie is a consultant for PartyLites and when she asked me if I would like to host a PartyLites virtual party - I couldn't resist! Not only can they change the element in your own home but PartyLite makes a great gift for just about any occasion from weddings to showers, birthdays, mothers day and more!

I have an elephant collection this would look great in!

SO, how does a PartyLites Virtual Party work?

Take a look at the goods over on Stephanie's site - there are some great deals happening right now like for every $50 purchase you get either 18 votive in up to 3 scents or any 3 wick jars for $12 each - 60% savings right there.

Votive come in multiple colours!

Multiple wick jar candles, need I say more?

When you place your order you will be asked if you order is for a "show". Enter my name (Alyssa) as the hostess name - it will give you the shipping option.

*Since this is a virtual show and my entire readership varies from all across Canada - please make sure to have your items shipped to your address as I am not responsible for any lost items. I do not ship these items, I am simply just a virtual hostess on behalf of Stephanie for PartyLites*

It's that simple, so lets get the party started click here to shop PartyLites!

If you have any questions about PartyLites, this virtual party or how to become a consultant tweet @StephanieKingsb on Twitter  or via email on her site - she'd love to hear from you!


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Stephanie for PartyLites. No compensation was received however I may receive hostess incentives. All opinions are honest and those of A Motherhood Experience*


  1. I am super sensitive to smell, so we normally do not have candles in the house.
    They looks like wonderful products though.


  2. PartyLite is how I met my husband. :) I was in Toronto for their annual meeting, I sold it for a while. Love the stuff!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE partylite, some of the stuff is A-MAZING!! but $$

  4. One of my good friends sells partylite. I love the holiday scents they have. I can finally comment!


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