Taking care of your skin is important and this includes moisturizing during your daily skincare routine. SkinFix is a Canadian brand who has a variety of skin care pastes for just about everybody including body repair paste, diaper rash, efflorescence paste, for those who just got inked, sun block and even cream for your dog called pooch paste.

It all begain with an old secret family recipe and the finest ingredients in the world. Ingredients included in SkinFix products are chosen for their benefits, numerous qualities and must also be proven to be both effective and beneficial. Quality ingredients include minerals, botanical extracts, vitamins and natural ingredients to make an award winning products that works. SkinFix will fix it!
SkinFix is PTPA approved which brings us to our first of three series of posts about SkinFix products, something for both you and your little one - Diaper Rash Paste.

Diaper rash, one of the most common and dreaded irritations when you've got a little bum in diapers. There are so many different products out there. I remember when our little girl was a baby she suffered terrible diaper rashes.

We had to make sure the product we used didn't contain any sort of chemicals or fragrance that would irritate her more and cause pain for her little bottom. We still keep a tube of diaper rash cream on hand just incase. Even older kids can get rashes you know.

SkinFix Diaper Rash Paste is a soothing, theraputic emolient barrier that protects and heals against diaper rash. SkinFix Diaper Rash Paste is very effective in clearing the most stubbourn diaper rash. Its natural anti-yeast and fugicide heals the area and doesn't spread the rash around. Even if your baby doesn't have a bad rash, using SkinFix Diaper Rash Paste daily on your baby's behind can ensure your baby stays rash-free. Nursing moms can find relief from discomfort associated with breastfeeding.

When it comes to cream, my grandmother always said the thicker it is, the better its bound to work. SkinFix Diaper Rash Paste is thicker than what we are typically used to but you can tell that it would cover the area properly, thus heal properly.

To learn more about SkinFix and their products please visit www.skinfix.ca!

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*This post was written in participation with a series of reviews for SkinFix. We receieved sample product for review purposes.*

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