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We were experiencing technical difficulties with our Internet for quite some time. It would crash, kick devices like net books or smart phones off and need to be rebooted. More often than not we called our Internet service provider *Rogers* resulting in being told to run to our nearest location and exchange the router, because that definitely was the problem all five times we've had to exchange it in less than a year.

The last straw literally blew on Saturday evening when our network went kaput. Nothing going out, nothing coming in - we were set back to the dark ages with nothing but limited mobile access. Confused after troubleshooting the network setup, hubby called up the isp to figure out what was going on this time to be told they couldn't do anything until the following day. It was the weekend after all so we left it like that.

Sunday comes and hubby gives them another call, keep in mind every time you call Rogers you get a new voice so you rarely speak to the same person twice. Now we are told our bill is the reason and we had been disconnected. Hubby argues we paid our bill and don't have outstanding balances that would give them a reason for disconnection and if that was the case he wanted to speak to someone higher because usually a customer gets a warning if their service is suspended right? So, transferred to another person he is told it's not our bill, we don't owe them any outstanding bills but there was really nothing they could do until they sent out a tech on Monday between 2-5pm to check the physical cable. (Cue circus music)

I know one of my goals this year was disconnecting but this was pushing it. Finally today the tech showed up at 4:35pm and left at close to 8:30pm. All this time taking out his ladder, testing this and testing that for two hours all to find out all the wires attached to that particular pole (which is right beside a bunch of tall trees) have been shot for what looked like forever and some squirrels finally finished off our cable which made it snap and the reason why our whole network came crashing down, the modem also got fried.

The tech told us that they should have sent someone earlier and that we have been paying for their high-extreme Internet and only receiving that of a $30 lite speed Internet connection. What a slap in the face!

After the tech left hubby got back on the phone explaining the situation, how dissatisfied we are and we want some kind of compensation for something that should have been looked into by their tech the first time we called, way before the wire finally snapped. It's not the customers responsibility to make sure outdoor cables are in tact. Seriously it would be like Hydro telling us its our responsibility for the Hydro pole outside!

Rogers should be ashamed to have such ignorant telephone customer service reps working for them by the way. Not all of them, but honestly the first woman he spoke to was lacking people skills in a big way. Don't tell a dissatisfied customer "This is how it is, if you like it or not" and not expect repercussion when he is in the right. She blatantly cut him off mid-sentence several times and told him that Rogers would offer no more than one month free Internet service take it or leave it. She refused to transfer him to a different representative after being asked three times to transfer him, so he hung up and called back to talk to someone who had more common sense. At this point, for a man that has little patience for things like this he was being pretty calm compared to what I would have been.

The second lady he spoke to not only heard the story about exchanging the router five times (which she saw was noted on file FYI) and the squirrel/wire fiasco, but she also heard about Miss rude lady #1 and how disappointed we are that rogers would allow customers to be treated like this when all we want is a service we are paying for working as they promise it will. She put him on hold for a while and came back with an offer - three months Extreme Internet on them. You bet we'll take it, and thank you lady #2 for having common sense and actually caring about the customer on the other end.

The entire experience feels like something you'd see in punked, a real joke if you ask me. I just wish for the price they charge for the Internet itself, we got better service as human beings when we call them with a problem they are supposed to be there to help us with. Not make the customer angry and feel like they are being ripped off and spun around. It's not the point of being compensated for anything but when a company is wrong they should admit it in the first place. Thank you to those who do admit their mistakes, as customers we appreciate you!

Thanks Rogers, at least the independent tech knew what he was talking about. Our Internet is back up and running faster than ever. Even though their customer service is lacking I have to say I am happy to have our service back.


*This post is based on personal experience and is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Rogers. All opinions are honest and those of A Motherhood Experience*


  1. Brutal! That is a terrible experience that you've had. We have had difficulty with our router too!

  2. Not fun. I had a similar situation with Sears. Glad things are better now.

  3. Calling Rogers for work was always something I hated to do as I only once in a while got a good rep. Sorry they have been such a challenge. It sucks


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