A couple of days ago I was worried about our son when it came down to registering him for junior kindergarten. The day after I posted that I received a phone call from the school principal. I don't think he reads my blog but it was really weird because he was calling regarding registering D for Jr K! Don't worry, he's super nice.

He said that K keeps talking about her little brother and they were wondering if we thought he was ready to be registered for school in the fall. I felt my heart race, this was getting too real but then I took a deep breath. I explained basically what my post said to him, trying not to sound like a lunatic.

He told me not to worry, after his fourth birthday we can register him and he will arrange to meet us to see where D would come in. He said if it's necessary D can be on a special program of half days to help him get adjusted to going to school for the first time, things like that. It helped a lot, I have been worried about the whole school thing forever. Partially because he's my youngest, my last baby and it's hard to see him getting bigger but partially because I'm not sure if he's ready.

Maybe by seeing him in the actual setting will give us the answers we need. He is growing every day and changes will be had between now and the time he goes off to Jr K. I'm happy I know I have the support of the school and also a good friend of mine who talked me through with her knowledge about stuff like this. Thank you!

If all goes well we just may be registering little guy for Jr Kindergarten in the fall! I can't believe I just typed that.


*Post written by AME based on actual events. All opinions are honest and those of AME.*

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