With Valentine's Day around the corner, I suppose you can say I have been in more of a love mood lately. I thought I would share an article I wrote back in 2009, I haven't ever published it on here but digging back into my files I found this. Clever ways to say I love you without saying I love you, just in time for the most romantic day of the year.

Love can be a wonderful feeling but it can also fade without proper maintenance with the little things like letting your partner know just how much they mean to you. Besides they are the air that you breathe, the wine that you drink and so on. Traditionally you can speak it out to your love by saying those famous three words "I love you" but as nice as it is to hear there are more creative ways to get your message across.

These ways don't always have to cost you money like candy, flowers or lavish gifts either. As nice and thoughtful as the material stuff can be, there are clever non-expensive ways to let him or her know your true love reigns for them!

Leaving a note on the dash of the car or in your loved ones pocket to start off their day with a smile. Random calls or even leaving a nice voicemail can brighten a loved ones day. Call them during a break or lunch from work just because you are thinking about them. Leave a voice message. I said A voice message, more than one may have someone worried about you ;).

Surprise lunches can be a romantic way to show them you love them. Bring a quick lunch, a mix of their favorite food and drink along with some music if your love needs to get back to work, thoughtfulness lets them know you love them.
Use technology by sending them love notes or poems via email. You can also quickly make a dedication on FaceBook or Twitter with poems, fond memories and reasons why they are your number one. A simple text message can add a little skip to your partners walk. If you blog, write a post about them. Let the world know what makes the stars shine when they are around.

A romantic, well thought dinner for two featuring their favorite meal after a long days work topped with a warm bath followed by a massage is a good way to end a day just because. Most couples these days are too tired to do this one on a regular basis but mark a special date once a month maybe the two of you could go all out for one night!

I'm not saying obsess about your significant other, you can do all of the above all the time if you want but really, it's nice to feel appreciated once in a while isn't it? You can show your one and only how much you care also by doing everyday things to show appreciation. Even if its the small things like making sure he/she is out the door on time in the morning to cuddling them at night to let them know you can't fall asleep without them beside you. Romance and showing love doesn't need to be saved for valentines day or a hallmark celebration.


*This post was written by AME. All opinions are honest and those of our own*


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