Typically I do not like bugs however my kids do. They love collecting everything creepy crawly when they are playing outside in the warmer months. Their fascination has them asking to bring them into the house to keep as pets (of course I say no!).

One type of bug I don't mind in our home is Hexbug - robotic bugs. I first heard about Hexbug via Twitter and thought they looked like an interesting concept. Hexbug are robotic bugs developed by Innovation First and come in a variety of bugs. We were sent Hexbug Nanos and the Hive as well as the HexBug Spider to try out for ourselves.

Sure they are still creepy-crawly but they don't pose any kind of a threat and you can always turn them off when you've had enough.

HexBug Nanos are the smallest of the Hexbug collection available. They come in different colours including glow in the dark ones. They have 12 pin like legs on each side and are about 1 inch long. The Habitat is in the shape of a hive and comes with pins, walls and different shapes to use to create an environment for the Hexbug Nanos to play. 

Our 7yr old checking out the Hexbug Nanos.

Turn on Hexbug Nano at the bottom of the bug and let them go in the Hive for hours of entertainment. They scramble around like crazy and if they flip over they can flip back by themselves thanks to all those legs! Up and down the ramps, all over - how they play is all up to you. Kids and adults alike will find these pretty neat! When you are done with your nanos, store them in the plastic capsules they come in. The Hive simply folds up for easy storage in the playroom!

Hexbug Hive folded into storage mode!
Hexbug Spider comes in various colours and is a remote controlled robot using radial body design. This means, instead of it turning it's entire body to move around only the head turns with a light to show you what direction its going. The remote has two options, up-down or left-right. Hexbug Spider moves just like a real spider, it's kind of creepy at first but really neat at the same time. Technology - who knew!

As fun and neat as Hexbug's are I would recommend them for ages 6 and up - they are fragile and can be easily broken if you're not careful as younger kids tend not to be. We have to monitor our little guy if not even keep it out of his sight as he tends to be rough with smaller toys but our seven year old thinks they are pretty cool! 

Even for adults who like collecting gizmo's and gadgets like Hexbugs,  they could make a fun addition to your collection!

Check out the entire line of Hexbug and play sets including the new glow in the dark Nanos and habitats at www.hexbug.com!


Discloser: Posted by AME on behalf of Hexbug and Innovation First. We received mentioned product for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of AME.

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  1. I can see all kids LOVING these toys. My Grand #1 is a total bug nut. She picks up everything she finds, totally unafraid of slime or worse. She brought home a salamander she found in the garden. She keeps it in an aquarium now. She'd love your bugs!


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