Feb 13-19 is Kindness week and our daughters elementary school is having the kids participate in a fun activity that will not only make people feel special, but I think will help kids understand how great it feels to do a random act of kindness for someone, even if it isn't their best friend and even if there is nothing in return but a thank you.

Each student will pick a name and that person will be their "secret Valentine" for the week. They will need to do one act of Kindness for their Secret Valentine daily, for four days and on the fifth day they will reveal their identity by making a special card for the special friend they chose.

Some things that she could do is: 
  • Invite that special friend to the "Breakfast Club" and have breakfast before class together. 
  • Give that special friend a hug, you never know when they are having a bad day.
  • Give that special friend a special compliment (you like their hair, colour of outfit, drawing etc) and make them smile.
  • Helping the special friend when they are in need, even if its a small task like holding the door or keeping them company at recess. 
  • Be reading buddies on library day and read a book together.
  • Sharing your favourite lunch snack with your special friend, just so they can taste how good it is too!
  • Listen and try to help your special friend solve a problem.
  • Give your special friend a friendship bracelet or hand made trinket. These can be made or bought for as little as $2 at the dollar store.
  • Write a "Thank You" note or draw a picture for that friend for being special to you.
She only has to come up with four but we ended up coming up with many more, there is never an end to the kind things you can do for others. Honestly, I think it's nice that there is a week dedicated to being especially kind to people but random kindness should be an every day thing.

Kind of like Valentine's Day, love for one another should be shown on a daily basis.

*Non-sponsored post written by AME. All opinions are honest and our own*


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