We are right in the middle of winter 2012 and I'm already thinking about the warmer seasons, specifically summer. Ah, we can't wait until the sunny summer months are upon us once again!

When I think of summer I remember attending summer camp. My brother was the first of us to go. I remember being jealous, I wanted to go and have fun too! When I turned 7, although the registration age was 8, they made an exception because my birthday fell the week after and I was able to go!

We drove a couple of hours to reach our summer camp destination and our stay was one week. During our the one week stay, every day we paid tribute to our nation by getting up at 6am, heading outside to raise the Canadian flag and sing our national anthem - before breakfast. Meals were served in the hall, cabins took turns serving the food and cleaning up the dishes. We were taught how to keep house by cleaning our cabins too. Each cabin earned points toward cleanliness which resulted in an award to the cabin with the most points at the end of the week. I don't remember our cabin ever winning though.

There were lots of activities to keep us going including crafts, one of my favourite things when I was a kid. One year we made a cross necklace with wood and leather. We had recreational activities like archery, swimming and paddle boating. It was a catholic camp so daily we had bible study, that was the only part I didn't like because they would make us read out loud for an hour and I was a very timid child. I'd pray they wouldn't call on me!

The best part was climbing Blueberry Mountain. One day a week, a couple of cabins would go as groups to the ever popular "Blueberry mountain". It was a big enough mountain with a trail to climb and once we got to the top, we made a camp fire and cooked breakfast. We would make "egg in a hole" complete with fresh blue berries from the top of the mountain. Hence the name.

The end of our camp stay was celebrated by an end of the week banquette where each cabin preformed the skit they were assigned to practice all week. Dinner was served and they would do a "backwards dinner" where we had dessert first. I recall many of the kids complaining to be full when the spaghetti dinner was served after a big bowl of ice cream. I remember after the banquette they had a campfire with marshmallows, songs and all. It was a really great way to spend part of the summer.

I would love for my kids to be able to experience summer camp when they are a little older. Maybe in a year or two!

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Discloser - I am participating in the Our Kids Camp Expo Blog Hop. No compensation was gained however our name has been placed in the $500 draw.The memories shared are those of my own.

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  1. amazing memories. Especially the backwards dinner. That's a fine idea, if I don't say so myself.


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