Last year, we took a look at the popular Canadian children's group of the year, Splash 'N Boots second CD "Back in Yellow" - the kids had such a fun time singing and dancing along to their upbeat songs. I thought that album was funny because the album name made a play on the band AC/DC's album "Back in Black".

Splash 'N Boots are a Canadian musical duo and they are also husband and wife! They just finished touring with TreeHouse TV and released their 2nd full-length DVD entitled "The Splash 'N Boots Show - Act 2", following the success of their first DVD "The Splash 'N Boots Show - Act 1". With already 5 Cd's and 2 DVDs under their belts, sold out tours and more - it seems there is no stopping these two!

The Splash 'N Boots Show - Act 2 DVD is 50 minutes long and loaded with fun from beginning to end with music videos, skits and more including the introduction of Splash 'N Boots new dog Lily.

We got the DVD just in time for family day weekend so it gave us a chance to watch it together. The kids were excited about watching it as they are familiar with Splash 'N Boots music already!

I love that Splash 'N Boots are Canadian and their music is wholesome and fun for everyone. They show passion for what they do and are very energetic, you can't help but enjoy it with them. My daughter is seven, the age where things like kids music and television shows are deemed "for babies" and she sometimes refuses to watch or listen to anything her three year old brother may enjoy. I can proudly say that she enjoyed the DVD as much as her brother did, kids can't help but laugh at the silliness of Splash 'N Boots. They had smiles across their faces from the beginning to end and I have to admit, so did I! 

Splash 'N Boots are working on their 6th album, the best part is they are getting the fans to help! They have the song and album names but will be writing lyrics and need their facebook fans to help by submitting Cd artwork that will make up an album booklet! A portion of the sales of their 6th CD will be going to Sick Kids Hospital. 

Splash'N Boots have also just been nominated for the 2012 Children's Group of the Year for the Independent Music Awards!!! They won back in 2007 so they are so excited to be nominated yet again! Winners of the Independent Music Awards are chosen through public voting!

Check out the Splash 'N Boots website for more information about the duo and how to buy your own Splash 'N Boots CDs and DVDs! 

Good Luck!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Splash 'N Boots. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of AME. Giveaway prize sponsored and shipped by Splash 'N Boots representatives. Questions? See our rules and regulations!

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