Happy St. Patrick's Day to those celebrating this weekend!

We are of Irish descendant in one way or another - Dhs fathers side are Irish and of course my mother's side of the family as well has it in them too.

My grandfather (Moms dad) was Irish, St. Patrick's Day was the only day of the year the old man would head down to the local "watering hole" - town bar and have himself some beer to celebrate his heritage.

My grandmother actually worked at the hotel where the bar was - I don't remember if she worked St. Patrick's day or not. I do remember always at least visiting my grandparents on St. Patricks Day.

Nowadays we don't do very much, maybe wear green - don't think I actually own anything green myself but the kids do!

We have two birthdays right before St. Patrick's day so I guess you can say we get "celebrated out"!

This year we haven't planned anything except having my side of the family over Saturday and brunch with hubbys parents on Sunday :)

No green beer for this mama ;) Those days left when the first child was born, which is ok! Occasional glass of wine or a beer after a rough day sure, but getting tanked for St. Patty's day won't be happening here.

Those of you going out to or hosting a party to celebrate, have one for me but remember to be safe while having fun! Drink responsibly my friends :)

Luck of the Irish to ya!

Disclosure: Posted by AmE in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Image via web search. Opinions and comments are those of AmE.



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