Toy commercials get my kids every single time. They don't say they want every single toy that comes splashing across the screen during TV hour but they do have select ones they cling to and beg for at every commercial they see. Our daughter has a thing for pets, she loves toys that represent a pet and over the years has collected different series of toys that were pet themed. 
FurReal friends has been one big interest of hers in the past - she got Cookie my playful pup for Christmas from Grandpa and still plays with her often. She also has a FurReal pet cat too. When she saw a commercial announcing that FurReal Friends have come out with their newest addition to the family, Dizzy Dancers, she expressed quite the interest for them and was happy to help review them with me for Hasbro!

Hasbro brings a fun, new twist to traditional pull-spin toys with new FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers! Dizzy Dancers are adorable, fuzzy little pets that swirl, spin and dance all over! Pets have a cute face and tuft of fur on top of their heads. It's simple to make them spin and whirl, just place them on the included base, insert the Dizzy Cord and pull! The faster you pull, the faster your Dizzy Dancers spin round and round! Each pet comes with a base, Dizzy Cord and Twistin' Tricks Card! 

Collect them all - FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers come in a variety of different kinds, three different collections: WhirlPower, Twirlicious and Rock n' Swirl! You can even remove the bottoms for some mix and match fun! 

Rozpawz and Lady McBugsy

The kids had so much fun making Rozpawz and Lady McBugsy (from the Twirlicious collection) twirl and spin around the Twirlin' Dance Studio! Lady McBugsy comes with the studio! They had no problem pulling the Dizzy Cord to make them go as fast as they could go! Even us grown-ups were entertained by them, we are after all still kids at heart!

Let the Dizzy Dancing begin!
The Twirlin' Dance Studio comes with accessories like a ramp for your Dizzy Dancers to preform tricks on and stickers so you can decorate the studio as you want (or you can follow the instructions in the manual too!).

Dizzy Dancers in the studio!

From a parent's perspective I like that these toys are great. They are simple and don't require batteries to operate. They are almost like the traditional pull-motor tops that we grew up with, except cuter! They are made for ages 4+, our son is just days shy of four and had just as much fun with them as his sister.

The Dizzy Dancers website has information about the Dizzy Dancers collection, where to buy them and also features videos and an interactive game for kids to design their own Dizzy Dancers! Visit www.dizzydancers.ca to check it out! 

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro. We received sample product for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of AME.



  1. These look fun. Do they come in a boy color set?

  2. No, they only have sets geared toward girls but it would be a great idea for them to create a boys set even though my boy doesn't mind the pinks and purples lol :)

  3. My DD just got a FurReal friend (Cookie!) too, and loves it... although I need to get new batteries! LOL The dizzy dancers sound like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cute! I have never even heard of these before! Thanks for sharing!


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