Soup is always a favourite on anybody's menu. It's an appetizer, a comfort food when you aren't feeling well, it's a food you are familiar with and a food you want to be healthy.

Homemade soup is great for nutrition, having all fresh ingredients but not everybody has the time to always make home made soup when life is such a rush. Unfortunately a lot of today's pre-made soups contain ingredients that aren't wholesome, too much salt and added preservatives such as gluten - things many people try to avoid in their daily diets.

Kettle Cuisine recently launched their new all natural, gluten free soups in Canada! For people looking for that healthier lifestyle, this is good news!  

Kettle Cusine was founded in 1987 by Jerry Shafir who's vision to create wholesome, great tasting soups for top quality restaurants came to life after he found out his daughter needed to maintain a gluten-free diet. Jerry began to search for ways to cook traditional, wholesome and delicious soups that people on a gluten free diet could enjoy and everyone would feel good about eating. Today, Kettle Cuisine offers some favourite recipes with no compromise in taste and no gluten!

Kettle Cuisine serves up yummy recipes like Chicken soup with rice noodles, Tomato soup with garden vegetables, New England Clam Chowder, Three Bean Chili and Angus Beef steak Chili! Each soup comes in a convenient, microwavable single serving - no leftovers!

Our experience:

I had never tried frozen soups before being introduced to Kettle Cuisine, as usual we were open to trying something new. Kettle Cuisine soups have a higher daily nutritional value than traditional canned soups - I had to 

I was surprised how hearty and flavourful these frozen soups are, not watery or salty at all as they contain no artificial preservatives. They are an easy, tasty and healthy way to eat gluten free that the whole family can enjoy!

For more info about Kettle Cuisine and all their delicious soups visit www.kettlecuisine.ca

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Kettle Cuisine. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of AME.

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  1. I love chicken Soup!

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  2. cauliflower and cheese soup is my favorite

  3. homemade chicken vegetable rice soup!
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  4. I love Turkey and Wild rice soup!

  5. My favourite soup is cream of mushroom.

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  6. I love homemade chicken noodle soup!

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  7. I love italian wedding soup

  8. I really love homemade chicken noodle soup with carrots and celery. I make it once every couple of weeks and serve it with some nice crunchy French or Italian bread. It's such a filling and tasty meal.

  9. chicken noodle soup is my favorite

    belinda mcnabb

  10. I am a cream fan espcially broccoli and clam chowder.


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